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2630 Progress Street , Vista- 92081
california , United States  United States
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Flotron, Inc. - Vista

Flotron designs and manufactures an off the shelf, catalog product line of rotation fixtures to support ergonomic assembly, integration, test, transportation, and other manufacturing operations. For more information visit www.flotron.com

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Other Categories : Material Handling Equipment Supplier, Metal Fabricator, Safety Equipment Supplier

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Certified ISO:9001-2008 standard.

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Flotron engineered lift fixtures provide ergonomic height adjustment capability to accommodate various operator heights. Ergonomic lift fixtures can also assist with vertical integration operations.

Flotron cantilevered rotation fixtures interface a customer’s payload from one end. Sometimes this is the only option for assembly, integration and test operations due to customer payload constraints.

Flotron spacecraft (satellite) positioners (upenders) are multi axis rotation fixtures designed to tilt/rotate and provide ergonomic access to all sides of the payload during assembly, integration and test operations. Another example of multi axis rotation is a Flotron two axis gimbal fixture that precisely positions spaceflight hardware and functions as an optical test fixture.

Precision alignment functionality is critical during the installation of sensitive payloads and can eliminate the need for an overhead lifting device. Flotron precision alignment fixtures have also been used effectively as RF test pointing fixtures.

There are cases where large payload envelopes and very heavy payloads exceed the capabilities of Flotron’s off-the-shelf product line and this is where a large swing turnover fixture may be a good fit.

In addition to providing the rotation fixture, Flotron has the capability to design and fabricate custom tooling that interfaces directly to a customer’s payload. Flotronaerospace tooling interface hardware typically consists of a steel or aluminum weldment with simply machined pads, swing clamps, or support standoffs that conform to the payload geometry.

There is always a compromise between rollability and payload sensitivity when transporting your Flotron rotation fixture and one of the main considerations is the hardness of the wheel material. If your team is confronted with the challenge of rolling your Flotron with sensitive electronic payload integrated in a clean room, across an ESD floor, from building to building, down the sidewalk or across a parking lot, Flotron can provide an appropriate caster option.

Flotron has an off-the-shelf clean room fixture finish option that includes gloss white finish, electro-less nickel plating and stainless steel in addition to Krytox lubricants. However, there are some cases where special material and process requirements apply and Flotron can provide special lubricants, removal of PVCs or Teflon, masked welds for future periodic re-inspection , etc.

There are cases where payload fluid loss must be captured to avoid EH&S concerns and this is where a drip pan would be a valuable to a Flotron trunnion fixture.

Large material handling equipment, ground support equipment, dollies, work stands,etc. are typically towed from building to building, to and from storage, or across any considerable distance. Flotron offers a tow bar feature that can be integrated onto almost all of the off-the-shelf rotation fixture product line. Flotron also offers removable forklift tubes (pockets) to ease transportation and the loading/unloading process.

For applications requiring consistent transportation (e.g. Flotron assembly lines, cell based manufacturing using Flotron assembly fixtures) a push bar improves the maneuverability and ergonomics of the rotational holding fixture.

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Flotron defines “Easy Crank” torque as the amount of output torque that is created when the input load on the hand wheel is 12 lbs. Ergonomically, this load can easily be sustained by most individuals for short periods of time. Higher output torque values will require higher input loads from the rotation fixture operator. Flotron generally recommends that the “Easy Crank” torque not be exceeded as operator fatigue can result.

Flotron’s Off-the-Shelf product line of rotation fixtures ranges from a 50 lbs capacity bench top solution to a 14,500 lbs capacity motorized solution with swing radii up to 88 inches.For special requirements that cannot be resolved with an off-the-shelf or Modified Standard Flotron, our experienced team of engineers will work with you to design a custom solution.

In cases where Flotron can utilize an off-the-shelf product as a starting point and make a few simple modifications to meet our customer’s requirements, we identify these turnover fixtures as Modified Standards.

Flotron’s off-the-shelf product line of rotation fixtures ranges from a 50 lbs capacity bench top assembly fixture to a 14,500 lbs capacity motorized spacecraft positioner with swing radii up to 88 inches.

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