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Whether you are doing design, prototyping, or manufacturing, Globaltech Ventures (GTV) can help you develop and manufacture your plastic and metal products. We have a wide range of prototype capabilities, routinely supplying parts for show cars and engineering test parts as well as production tooling and parts for specialized orders. Our operations based in USA, China, India, and Japan are able to supply tooling and manufacturing at high quality and competitive costs. Our advantage lies with the strength of our unique business structure and the talent of our domestic and international team. We have extensive experience in globally-based product development, a flexible and cost-efficient structure, and a high level of design and analytic capability to support a wide range of prototyping and manufacturing efforts.

When you choose us, you can rest assured that we will bring your idea to life. We are proud to work with a broad spectrum of clients. When you need an outside resource to meet your product development needs, you can count on us to deliver the partner solution that you need. We offer a full range of services, including design, engineering, and tooling.

By utilizing the latest design technology and engineering, we are able to ensure your prototypes and product development are created with optimal efficiency and accuracy. We are capable of producing both short runs and full production of your specified product. From metal products to plastic products to CNC fabrication, we offer everything you need to develop your product and bring it to market.

At Globaltech Ventures, our goal is to work hand-in-hand with our clients to bring their concepts to functional prototypes. We will work with you to explore all possible options and present you with the most viable choices. You can also rely on our experienced team to deliver the highest quality refinements. During the final phase, we will produce product prototypes to meet your specific needs. Our engineers, designers, machinists, and artists are committed to working with you to create the best quality new products or redesign existing products to offer optimal benefits.

In need of rapid prototypes? We are happy to assist by working with you to develop the prototype you need, based on your specifications, as quickly as possible, without sacrificing quality. We completely understand that when it comes to product development and prototyping that cost is an important consideration. Thanks to our flexible, cost-efficient pricing structure, we are able to offer you a range of product development and prototyping services that will meet your budget. Contact us today to find out more about our wide range of services and how we can help you.

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Additional Information

Globaltech Ventures (GTV) provides a complete offering of rapid prototype services that will support your efforts from concept to pre-production and beyond. We take great pride in our rapid prototype capabilities.

From SLA to SLS to FDM, and from urethane molds to machined parts, GTV offers quality products and sharp pricing with timely turnaround on delivery. As a result, we provide a value-based offering with a focus on your needs.

So when you are ready to take your concept to the next step and you require a part that reflects your design, we want you to think of GTV first.At Globaltech Ventures, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality Rapid Prototyping possible.

Our RP services allow for the fast fabrication of physical product models through the use of the latest 3D computer aided design technology. Utilized in an array of industries, our rapid prototyping services gives companies the ability to efficiently transform innovative ideas into high-quality end products.

When rapid prototyping first emerged on the production scene in 1987, it introduced an entirely new method of product development. Also sometimes known as 3D printing, rapid prototyping offers an efficient approach to manufacturing technology.

Beginning with a virtual design from computer aided design or modeling, our rapid prototyping machine is then able to read relevant data and create layers of sheet, power, or liquid material. As a result, we are able to create a realistic physical model through layers of cross sections.

These subsequent layers are designed to specifically correspond to the various cross sections from the original virtual model and then are joined together automatically to create the final end product.

We are typically able to create 3D models using our rapid prototyping systems within just a few hours. The precise timeframe can vary significantly based on the number and size of models that need to be produced.

Product and Services

Our goal is to bring a high quality innovative approach to everything we do. We have established specialized operations for each of our main product areas which offers us a huge advantage in breadth and depth. We customize a detailed plan for each and every project.

Lot size, annual usage, material selection, and industry application play a roll in making this determination. We feel that our experience and the product diversity of our North American facilities along with our global assets provides our customers the added value required for today’s business environment.

Our products and services can be characterized as follows:Plastic and Metal sub-assemblies,Prototype and Production,Produced thru integrated Asian and North American facilities,Multi-lingual GTV staff in the countries of production.Competitive advantage through highly skilled project managers

In addition, we support our customers thru analytical engineering and design projects. These can be as simple as updating drawings or as complex as full product design.We invite you to incorporate any of our manufacturing, prototyping, engineering, or design services into your product plans.

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