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Modutek Corporation - San Jose

Originally founded in 1980, Modutek Corporation began manufacturing wet process equipment components for the fast growing Semiconductor industry for over 35 years. Their specialties included the high temperature quartz heated baths, sub-ambient filtration systems, nitride etch baths and rinsing systems. Modutek’s original market was selling both to end users and support for OEM’s of wet process stations. During the early 90’s environmental issues associated with the Semiconductor industry became a concern. To help support this growing market Modutek acquired Shannon Engineering and changed the name to Pollution Control Laboratories (PCL). This new environmental group was run as a Modutek subsidiary manufacturing air scrubbers, acid neutralization systems and chemical delivery systems. By the late 90’s Modutek dropped the subsidiary. From that point; these environmental systems were manufactured under the Modutek name.   Semiconductor wet process equipment manufacturers and the overall Tech Industry has weathered many downturns in business over the years. Since 2000, many OEM wet process bench manufacturers have left the industry. This gave Modutek the perfect opportunity to expand. With Modutek’s long history, experience and expertise, the company is in a good position as a turnkey equipment manufacturing operation.

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Modutek strives to partner with our customers by developing the most effective and reliable silicon wafer cleaning equipment solutions. Our staff of knowledgeable experts can provide application specific processing solutions in semiconductor etching, resist strip, advanced wet etch and more.

The industry demands for effective and efficient semiconductor components requires that any contaminants and impurities be removed during the micro-fabrication process. Without it, the performance and functionality of components can be hindered, affecting end costs and potentially damaging the reputation of the manufacturer.

Microelectronic cleaning processes has become our specialty at Modutek. We’ve been the premier supplier of semiconductor manufacturing equipment for over thirty years, and that experience is manifest in the design of our advanced silicon wafer cleaning equipment. We offer a wide array of wafer cleaning equipment that can be customized to meet the needs of your application. Our team of engineers and software developers works with you from the initial planning stages and design approval, to the final acceptance and installation process at your facility. You can be assured that you won’t find a better option when it comes to high quality and reliable equipment.

Improving silicon wafer processing time and yields in a consistent and repeatable process is an on-going need among semiconductor manufacturers. Modutek’s customizable IPA Vapor Dryer design addresses the needs of facilities and process engineers who are constantly looking for ways to improve their manufacturing process. Modutek partners with your engineers to build an IPA Vapor Dryer that matches your specific requirements using SolidWorks Flow Simulation and Simulation Professional software.

This system provides improved operations and drying time with one or two 150-450mm cassettes or glass substrates. For reliable performance, Modutek does not outsource the design and manufacturing of their wafer processing equipment. Equipment design, assembly, and DI water testing all occur on-site at our San Jose facility.

Modutek’s Wafer Processing Equipment includes Semi-Automated Stations which are available in a wide verity of configurations. Our semi-automated robots gives you the process uniformity without paying the fully automated price. All robots are servo controlled with 3 degrees of freedom (see attached video). This motion control gives you precise developing, etching or cleaning processes. All robots are built and designed in-house giving you complete turnkey support. Our software engineers design and write the software in house.

Our SolidWorks Simulation Professional and SolidWorks Flow Simulation gives you process flow characteristic you require. We do not outsource or subcontract our automation design. With this new line of automation Modutek has expanded the Sysmax Inc. line of automation. In 2002 Modutek acquired Sysmax Inc. and we continue supporting their complete product line of SPS Series, Vac Etch (VES) Series and Transfer Automation System (TAS) series equipment.

The cleaning process used with silicon wafers and cells is a critical step in the manufacturing process of semiconductors and MEMs. Modutek supports various types of wafer cleaning processes that maintain purity whether you’re doing research or high volume production. The cleaning processes supported by Modutek include RCA clean, SC 1 & SC 2 (Standard Clean 1 and 2), Piranha etch clean, pre-diffusion clean, as well as additional new cleaning processes that include ozone cleaning and megasonic cleaning.

The objective of the wafer cleaning process is the removal of chemical and particle impurities without altering or damaging the wafer surface or substrate. The surface of the wafer must be maintained not affected so that roughness, corrosion or pitting negates the results of the wafer cleaning process.

The yield of a silicon wafer is inversely related to the defect density (cleanliness and particle count) from the processing done on the wafer. One way to reduce defect density and increase yields is to use efficient wafer cleaning processes that remove particle contaminants efficiently. With smaller semiconductor devices and geometries the removal of smaller particles from silicon wafers has become more critical. Small particles can be difficult to remove since strong electrostatic forces exist between the particles and the wafer substrate.

The chemistry used in standard wafer cleaning has remained largely unchanged during the last 30 years. It is based on the use of the RCA clean process that utilizes acidic hydrogen peroxide and ammonium hydroxide solutions. While this is the primary method still used by industry, what has changed recently is its implementation along with new optimized cleaning technology that includes ozone cleaning and megasonic cleaning systems.

Manufacturing integrated circuits requires hundreds of precise processing steps depending on the specific device type. Most of the steps are completed as single processes on the complete wafer before they are diced into individual chips. About 20% of the steps are wafer cleaning processes, which highlights the importance of wafer cleaning and substrate surface conditioning.

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Rotary Wafer Etching System, Vacuum Metal Etcher, IPA Vapor Dryer, Megasonic Cleaning, Quartz Tube Cleaning Stations, Wet Processing Manual Stations, Semi Automated Stations, Fully Automated Stations, Stainless Steel Solvent Stations, Dry To Dry Process.

Fume Hoods, Quartz Baths, Sub-Ambient Systems / BOE, Temperature Controlled Circulator, Teflon Tanks, Nitride Etch Baths, Quick Dump Rinsers, Solvent Baths, Fume Scrubbers, Acid Neutralization System, Chemical Delivery Systems, Chemical Lift Stations, Chemical Pump Carts, Chemical Collection

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