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When it comes to finding efficient hearing health care provider in NJ, contact Total Hearing Care. Here we offer a wide range of services including hearing aid repairing.Since 2000, large number of patients took benefit of our expertise and personal solution with regards to their hearing aids, hearing tests, and other hearing care needs. If you feel that you will find a hearing loss, also come in for the Free Hearing test or hearing loss treatment and experience the Total Hearing Care huge difference.

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Conductive hearing loss occurs when there is a blockage in the outer or middle ear, or both. This makes it difficult for sound waves to reach the Cochlea (the part of the ear that converts sound waves into electrical signals to send to the brain). A Conductive Hearing Loss can be temporary in nature and in some cases may be treated medically or surgically. Hearing aids may also be prescribed for patients with a Conductive Hearing Loss.

When Conductive Hearing Loss occurs in conjunction with Sensorineural Hearing Loss, it is a condition known as Mixed Hearing Loss. Mixed Hearing Loss usually responds well to hearing aids, and other treatments to address the conductive component of the hearing loss may also be sought.

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Simply stated – we don't believe in them. We believe that your hearing is much too valuable for it to be determined by the results of an on-line gadget. At best, the on-line test is a simple screening and its outcome may be affected by many elements.

When you visit one of our hearing clinics you will learn that the hearing testing or hearing evaluation, while relatively simple, non-invasive, and definitely pain-free, it is impossible to recreate on your computer. Your hearing will be measured by a professional utilizing specialized equipment which is regularly calibrated to ensure accuracy, and carried out in special sound conditions.

Our ears are delicate instruments we sometimes tend to take for granted. They need care - just like any other part of our body. The ear has three main elements, The Outer, Middle and Inner Ear, each of which is vital to our ability to hear clearly. Anything which may disturb the delicate balance inside the ear can upset the way we receive and interpret sounds.

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