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3450 North Lake Blvd. Suite #103 , Palm Beach Gardens- 33403
Florida , United States  United States
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Believe Treatment Center - Palm Beach Gardens

The Believe Treatment Center is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Our rehabilitation helps men and women from all walks of life. Many of our clients are from South Florida and around the world. We can help arrange transportation for you if you decide to come to our center for drug rehab.

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The costs of alcohol treatment programs vary depending on the patient’s treatment needs, insurance plans, and the facilities used in the program. To reduce treatment costs, look for treatment programs that accept your insurance. Talk to your insurance provider and clearly discuss about what exactly is covered by your specific insurance plans.. Surprisingly, programs also offer reduced payment options or sliding scale.

Recovering from alcohol addiction does not happen overnight. It is a gradual process. Alcohol abuser that are inn need might think that it is impossible to overcome this addiction; but, it is not. Chiefly, once the person decides to stop drinking and is willing to undergo treatment, he can recover from alcoholism. Once again, it might be a long process; but not impossible. No matter how serious the addiction is and how hopeless the prospective patient feels, there is always a chance for successful treatment. Thereafter, with the help of the appropriate treatment program, families, and friends, along with alcohol addicts will have a better life.

Aside from the typical medical services, therapies and counseling, Believe Treatment Center offers supplementary alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs that assist clients to recover from certain detrimental conditions in the long run. This particular type of long-term recovery is holistic in nature- comprises of healing of the body, mind and soul. Examples of the aforementioned multidimensional treatments include their recreational therapy, alumni programs and comprehensive after-care programs.

As a rule, patients are assured that all the mentioned therapies, programs and treatment regimens are delivered safely under supervision of experts and within the confines of a therapeutic and supportive atmosphere. This method provides a great foundation to build their confidence and help them establish a sense of empowerment and support, which enables them to break free from the bondage of addiction.

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Our Partial Hospitalization Program offers outpatient services for clients with drug and alcohol abuse in addition to other severe and persistent addictions. Typically this program is provided for clients that have completed a detoxification program and are willing to commence their program with Believe Treatment Center. A comprehensive evaluation and individualized treatment planning will take place once the client has completed a psych evaluation.Drug Rehab Center in West Palm Beach Florida: The Believe Treatment Center of South Florida

Are you having problems with addiction or are you someone who knows somebody who needs treatment for addiction? Are you living in: Orlando, Miami, Boca Raton or West Palm Beach Florida? How about anywhere in the world? Is the type of facility you’re looking for one to provide a wide variety of individual therapies and services Are you seeking a program which will also include the family in the treatment

Look no further, there is a center for recovery. The Believe Treatment Center is the institution that is located in Palm Beach Gardens Florida and West Palm Beach. Find a beautiful campus that ensures everyone involved receives effective and smooth treatment. Additionally, while being situated within the beautiful city, expect to see notice extreme scenic views-putting the troubled mind at ease. Ideally, The Believe Treatment Center was established with the idea of bringing out an atmosphere of peace and serenity; one that a substance user needs for recovery.

As to the amenities, we provide access to lush gardens and green areas, inviting pools, gym facilities and luxurious residential areas. All of these can give you the mental breather that you are in need of. In the medical field this could be described as milieu therapy at its finest. With the beautiful setting the clients can also engage in activities like yoga, fitness, meditation and other recreational activities. Residential amenities include luxury rooms and access to the aforementioned amenities.

Programs that are offered are all chiefly formulated in a way, in order to treat each case uniquely. This ensures a patient-centered care. They offer medical detox treatments that aim to clean the body of the toxic and harmful chemical byproducts that pertain to drug and alcohol abuse. We also provide the 12-step method which is an alternative form of therapy. After the treatment, clients are enabled to opt for intensive after care plans, which ensure that there are little to no actual cases of remissions.

In relation to professionals that have succumbed to substance abuse, the Believe Treatment Center offers a specifically designed special program for any kind of person. Addiction impairs abilities. In response, this program aims to assist professionals, including healthcare professionals, to get back on their feet and return back to the workforce. Similar to regular clients, they’d be receiving special and individualized care plans.

Curious as to those whom have wanted to complete the treatment. Unfortunately, they cannot or they need to back to school or work, then you may want to see this. An outpatient services are offered to provide comprehensive treatment programs: Individual counseling, group therapy, family therapy, psychiatric care for other problems, medical detox, residential transition, etc..- assuring treatment programs are soundly delivered without impairing the activities of the clients.Please contact us today at 561.625.3333.

Looking for the best alcohol treatment program for a family member or a friend is usually taken seriously. Programs seem as the best programs, because of advertisements that come with tranquil settings and beautiful views. However, according to popular belief, while these amenities are good to have, these can distract your attention from what is truly important.

In reference to licensing , it is extremely important investigate treatment programs first. Frankly, the license of the program ensures that the treatment team is built having licensed and professionally trained addiction specialists and health professionals. It is also important to check to ensure the program is accredited by the state.

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