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Community Foot Specialists - Springfield

Welcome to Community Foot Specialists! We are podiatrists proudly serving Dayton and Springfield, OH in five convenient locations. We strive to accomplish complete patient satisfaction while tending to your foot care needs. Our staff makes every effort to provide all of the help and information you need in order to make your visits with us as stress free as possible. We encourage you to look through our site to familiarize yourself with our practice and any podiatric problems you may experience.

Many people are unsure of when to visit a podiatrist, a foot specialist trained to evaluate and treat foot and ankle problems. Oftentimes, they wait a lot longer than they need to before they decide to visit a foot doctor. When you experience any foot issues, your body is trying to tell you that something is wrong and you need to consult a foot and ankle doctor. Do not ignore your pain and discomfort. Please call us if you are suffering from acute or chronic foot and ankle pain and need to see a foot and ankle specialist. We treat a variety of conditions including but not limited too diabetic foot pain, ingrown nails, sprains, tendinitis, and heel pain.The physicians on duty at this location are Dr. Belinda M. Dotter, DPM, Adam M. Thomas, DPM, and Judy A. Kleman, DPM. Our practice is operated and overseen by Allen C. Guehl, DPM.We have Spanish speakers available upon request.

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Although flat feet are common in young children, adults with flat feet could suffer from many symptoms and severities of the condition. The arch in flat footed individuals could be partially or totally collapsed, thus causing a variation in the symptoms. Since the flat feet are typically due to overpronation of the foot, the ankle will also suffer. One easy way to tell if you have flat feet is to sit your shoes on a table. If they lean in towards each other, you could be overpronating.

A cyst is a fluid filled sac that occurs either at the joints of the feet and ankles or from a sheath of a tendon. They can occur anywhere in the body, but are most commonly found in the hands and feet. Cysts themselves are typically harmless and painless. They can incur pain if they grow large enough to apply pressure to adjoining structures or be compressed in shoes.

Cysts maybe soft or a little bit firm, and when you press on it, you should be able to feel the mushy fluid. Cysts occur due to a weakness in the covering of a joint space or a tendon. The weakness can be caused by a repetitive trauma of a tendon over a bony prominence or the pressure from a shoe on a tendon or joint space. This daily trauma leads to a swelling with fluid into a confined space causing the lump to form. Cysts most commonly appear in women between the ages of 20 and 40, but it is not uncommon to see them in any demographic of people. They most commonly form on the top of the foot where the top of the shoe rubs your feet.

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An ankle sprain is a very general and broad term, which could apply to a variety of injuries in or around the ankle or foot. Uncharacteristic stress on the ankle bones or twisting of the muscles and ligaments around the ankle are a couple causes of ankle sprains. The sprain itself is usually a stretched or tore ligament, and its severity and location determine the treatment protocols and durations.

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