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At the Law Office of Dianna L. Abdala, we know that good people are arrested every single day. In fact, honest, hardworking people come to our office daily and seek legal advice regarding their criminal defense matters. Fortunately, these individuals know that a pair of handcuffs and an allegation cannot change or determine their future. People who come to the Law Office of Dianna L. Abdala know that retaining legal representation early on in a case can be the best way to prevent damage to a life of hard work, honor, and integrity!If you immediately need an experienced criminal defense attorney in Boston then contact the Law Office of Dianna L. Abdala today. We offer our expertise in various fields like Drug Crimes, Assault and Battery, Domestic Violence and more.

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Federal crimes refer to offenses that are made illegal by federal laws. Because federal crimes are governed by specific federal laws, any federal offense will be subject to harsher penalties than crimes addressed at the state level.Whether you know it or not, you may be under federal investigation. If you have had any interactions with a federal agency, or if you know that people around you have been contacted by a federal agency, contact the Law Office of Dianna L. Abdala immediately. Your choice in legal representation could be the most pivotal decision that you make at this time. It is time to move forward, but you can only do so with the proper legal representation.

Call a criminal defense lawyer from our Boston firm to enlist the service of a legal representative who can utilize experience and knowledge for your benefit. We approach each case with zealous and aggressive representation. Our adversaries know that we are a force to be reckoned with! If you are still unconvinced, read about why you should hire us then call to schedule a free case evaluation to get started with our firm.

Murder refers to the act of homicide in which an individual takes the life of another human being. At the Law Offices of Dianna L. Abdala, we are a skilled criminal defense law firm that is dedicated to preserving the rights of our clients by providing the type of defense that they need most of all: aggressive and resolute.

According to Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 265 Section 1, murder is defined as an act that is committed with deliberately premeditated malice or with extreme atrocity or cruelty. Murder is the most serious felony crime and is punishable to the fullest extent of the law.

Criminal proceedings are incredibly complex, and at the Law Office of Dianna L. Abdala, we know that the legal process can seem so complicated that it may not even seem worth it to pursue a case that you feel is already too incriminating. We are here to assure you that making snap decisions like this will be absolutely detrimental to your case. Although we are not saying that a criminal defense case will be easy and we cannot guarantee any result, we do remind you that, with legal assistance in your corner, the legal process can be much more manageable.

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Massachusetts drug laws include a wide range of drug-related offenses. The most common drug offenses include possession, possession with intent to distribute, manufacturing, and trafficking illegal substances. Although simple drug possession is among the most common crimes that individuals in Boston are arrested for, drug possession crimes are not treated lightly due to the assumption that simple possession can lead to more severe, associated crimes such as drug manufacturing and drug trafficking.

Whether this is your first drug crime charge or you need legal representation for multiple offenses, you can trust that a Boston criminal defense attorney from the Law Office of Dianna L. Abdala can represent you! We have more than 65 years of combined legal experience and can handle even the most complex drug-related crimes. Our firm can handle misdemeanor drug crimes and felony charges.

Drug possession crimes can range from simple possession charges to more serious crimes, such as possession with intent to distribute. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your case, a drug possession charge in Massachusetts can be punishable by either a misdemeanor or felony penalty. Drug possession penalties will hinge specifically on the type and the amount of controlled substances you are found to possess.

If you are found to be in possession of large amounts of controlled substances, officers will try to charge you with related offenses, such as possession with intent to distribute or drug trafficking. To avoid the maximum sentence, seek legal defense immediately after an arrest.

Have you been arrested for burglary in Massachusetts? Is your loved one facing a criminal accusation for a burglary offense? If so, you could be facing serious penalties. In addition to mandatory sentences as determined by Massachusetts laws, your criminal allegations could results in a permanent criminal record.

Your choice in legal representation at this time will be crucial to your case. It may feel as though no one is at your side at this moment. It may even feel as though the evidence against you is so incriminating that fighting against your offense may seem pointless. At the Law Office of Dianna L. Abdala, a Boston criminal defense lawyer from our firm is ready to take on any burglary case, no matter how complex or simple. No legal matter is too big or too small for us to handle. When a criminal conviction is looming over your future, we know that action must be taken -- today!

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