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Bourlon Law Firm is one of the leading law firms in Texas. We can help people to resolve their legal issues and return to their normal life. Bobby Bourlon is an experienced attorney who can handle any type of law including Family Law, Criminal Defense, Probate, Personal Injury, Mediation Process and General Litigation. We have flat fee arrangements for criminal defense, family law and probate to know the exact cost of hiring the attorney beforehand. We will fight to protect your rights and freedom. Whether you are being charged with a crime, seeking a divorce or attempting to recover money in a contract dispute, Bobby Bourlon is well prepared to be your advocate against any party that may oppose you. He will fight for your right to liberty, compensation and legal remedies so that you can move on and restore your reputation and financial condition. Every problem has a solution and Bobby Bourlon is well versed in finding a way to help you when you are in trouble.

Although the expense of an attorney may seem to be a luxury, the result that you achieve in any case will depend on the quality of your legal representation. Attorney Bourlon wants you to have access to the best legal counsel, and offers payment plans to anyone who needs legal help right away. Also, his flat fee arrangements in family law, probate and criminal defense allow you to know ahead of time the exact cost of having him as your attorney. There will be no surprises or hidden expenses, and you will be treated as an important client with very real problems.If you are unsure if you need an attorney, please do not hesitate to contact us. Your initial consultation is free and you will have no obligation. Please call today to make an appointment to discuss your case at 361-289-6040.

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CPS cases or Child Protective Services cases, is an area of law that can be disruptive and traumatic for everyone in the family. It may involve the removal of a child from the home, for reasons that CPS believes are in the best interest of the child. This removal often follows a CPS investigation, where they obtained evidence of danger, child abuse or other factors affecting the child’s well being.

From the outset of a CPS investigation, an attorney familiar with this type of case should represent you. The allegations or facts may not be true as stated, and should be examined for any other motivation than the child’s best interest. There are priorities and methods in a CPS investigation, and your attorney can communicate on your behalf to resist any attempt to remove your child from the home.

In the event the child is removed from the home, there will be a court hearing to determine if the allegations are true and the removal warranted. This is where your family law attorney Bobby Bourlon can be extremely helpful, to make the case for contesting removal and bringing your child home. With many years as an attorney in the child custody area, Attorney Bourlon can help you negotiate the complex rules and procedures in a CPS case and advise you on possible outcomes. He will be your advocate for the right to have custody of your child. Please call today for a free consultation at 361-289-6040.

Enforcing court orders is especially important in family law where there are issues of financial payments and child support at stake. In general, the court has the power to enforce all aspects of a divorce decree if one spouse decides to ignore the mandates spelled out in the final judgment. This can include enforcing alimony payments, rights to parental visitation, child support and division of assets.

It is a crime to act contrary to a court order, and a contempt charge could be brought, which in some cases carries a short jail sentence. For this reason, it is critical that the final divorce decree be highly specific in the actions that are required, so that there is no room for ambiguity. Payments must be specified by date and amount, and visitation should detail location and exact timing.

The goal of a court in enforcing orders from a divorce is not to send the other party to jail. The court wants to have the ex-spouse abide by the divorce decree and make the payments required. So, even if one is contempt, it is unlikely that jail time will be the result. Instead, probation or community service may be substituted so that the party can work and fulfill the divorce agreement.

Nonetheless, at times an ex-spouse may refuse to make basic payments and in that case the court will be forced to step in. If you have been a part of a divorce and have failed to make payments, or your ex-spouse has stopped support payments, you should seek legal counsel to protect your rights. In either case, you have a final divorce decree that mandates action.

Bobby Bourlon has spent many years as an attorney in family law, and understands how to work with court orders and avoid non-payment problems or contempt charges. Before the situation becomes worse, please call for a free consultation at 361-289-6040.

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Alimony, also known as spousal maintenance in Texas, is often part of a divorce agreement or decree that provides payment for support for one spouse. Not every divorce includes alimony payments, and it will depend on a number of factors that the court will analyze to arrive at an amount.Alimony will be given to a spouse if they cannot provide for their minimal needs and living expenses, and if they have a lack of ability to work and earn an income. This can occur where a spouse foregoes educational and career opportunities to fill a role of homemaker or raising children while the other spouse works.

Even if the criteria for alimony are met, there are limits in Texas on duration and amount. The divorce decree will grant alimony for a maximum of three years, unless there is some disability involved. The amount is capped at $2500 per month or 20% of the other spouse’s income, so as not to create an undue hardship on the paying spouse.

In an agreed divorce, the spouses can arrive at any figure they decide for alimony, as long as it is suitable for both parties. This may also include agreements surrounding community property and child support. For this reason, having an attorney represent you in a divorce is essential to work out the best arrangement possible.Bobby Bourlon is a seasoned divorce attorney who knows how to represent either side in a negotiation or petition for alimony payments. There are lasting effects of a divorce agreement, and you deserve to give yourself the best legal ally available to consider every detail. Please call for a free consultation at 361-289-6040.

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