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We provide our clients with the best possible legal representation in family law and estate planning.For over 30 years we have been earning a nationally recognized reputation for providing superior legal representation throughout Oregon, Washington and Idaho. Our breadth of services and combined expertise can guide you through any family legal matter you and your loved ones may encounter.
Gevurtz Menashe was founded in 1982 as the first law firm in Oregon with a practice limited to family law. Since then, we have expanded our practice to include estate planning in addition to traditional family law areas of practice. We are proud to serve clients throughout Washington and Idaho as well as Oregon. Over the years, our primary goal and focus has remained constant: to provide the best legal representation available to our clients.
We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and as a result, our integrity and professionalism have won us national recognition among our peers in the legal community, including SuperLawyers Magazine and BestLawyers. We have lawyers at various experience levels and rates to ensure that we can provide service to everyone. No case is too big or too small.

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If you have a child with someone you are no longer together with, there may be custody, parenting time, and child support issues. Child support is ordered in divorces with children but is also ordered when the parties were never married if they are no longer residing together.

The non-custodial parent is usually required to pay child support as part of a child custody agreement, and is generally required to make payments on a monthly or yearly basis until the child is 18 years old. Oregon law also allows the court to order both parents to pay support, or joint custody support for children between 18 and 21 if they qualify as a “child attending school”.

The Oregon Department of Justice, through its Child Support Program, has established a formula for calculating a presumed amount of child support, available here (link). Although the information necessary to calculate child support appears simple, there are many complications that can lead to incorrect results. Child support requires the obligor to pay for an equitable portion of the minor children’s basic needs.

The guidelines are based on an “income shares model,” which is allows a child to benefit from the income of both parents to the same extent the child would have benefited, had the parents remained together. The guidelines require the parents to share in the costs of the child in proportion to their income, while also considering the health insurance costs, parenting time, and work-related daycare costs incurred for the child.

The presumed child support amount may be inappropriate in certain circumstances, allowing a party to argue for an increase or decrease in the amount of guideline child support. Special circumstances allowing a “rebuttal” from the guideline amount include the needs and resources of a parent, special hardships of a parent (including medical issues or travel costs associated with parenting time), and the special needs of the child.

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Even the most difficult dissolution cases can usually benefit from the use of alternative dispute resolution. Mediation is one of many methods our attorneys use to develop a solution to the financial, custody, parenting time and support issues facing divorcing couples.

Our attorneys can help in a number of ways, including preparing the client who wants to mediate without attorneys present, or accompanying the client who wants the skill and knowledge of an attorney by his or her side during the mediation. In addition, we can review agreements achieved through unrepresented mediation to see if they are fair and appropriate.Many of our attorneys are also qualified to be mediators and help parties, whether represented or not, achieve an appropriate resolution to their case.

Collaborative law is a relatively new method of alternative dispute resolution in which the attorneys and the parties work collaboratively to achieve an outcome that is fair and acceptable to both parties. Parties who agree to work collaboratively also agree that their attorneys will work with them only on the collaborative process and that new attorneys will need to be hired if litigation becomes necessary.Collaboration is not for all cases, but several of our attorneys are qualified to act as collaborative attorneys for those clients who want to explore it as an option.

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