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Smart Property - Bowen Hills

Smart Property uses market and property data to help time-poor investors acquire outperforming property assets, so you can grow your wealth and freedom. In addition to property selection, we help investors select the ideal structure for investment as well as implement the optimal funding strategy.Phone: 1300 649 368

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Australia’s property markets have always been somewhat unique, compared to other developed economies.For one we’ve demonstrated a historical preference for sprawling outwards across vast suburban housing estates, instead of building towering residential high-rise accommodation centered entirely in and around our major city centres. At least up until recently that is.

Baby boomers have arguably been the most influential generation on the evolution of Australian real estate.After watching their parents struggle through two World Wars and a Great Depression, older boomers longed for a sense of stability and found it in the ideal of home ownership, which took hold in the collective cultural psyche of our nation.

Buying one’s own home became an aspirational symbol of personal success, as we started to lead the world in a trend of strong home ownership rates that have long hovered around 70 per cent.

The concept of real estate as a tradable commodity really took off late last century, and since the 1980s our interest in property investment has continued to snowball, helped along by various factors that have stimulated strong market growth and investment activity.

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smart property, cash flow positive property, off the plan property investment, property investment strategy, property investment Smart Property offers a full suite of services to help you start, grow or optimise your property portfolio. Our services include:

Property investment advice: holistic advice to help you get you from where you are to where you want to be.Investment property sales: we use market and property data analysis to shortlist investment-grade properties that suit your situation and goals.

Property portfolio structuring: the right property held in the wrong structure or entity can cost you a fortune. We provide advice to ensure you’re always investing via the optimal structure for your situation.

Lending strategy, advice and implementation: we formulate the right funding strategy for successful long-term investment. We can also source competitive loans via our complimentary mortgage broking service.

Buyer’s agency service: you may have specific property selection needs that require a specific search for the property you’re looking for. We scour the market based on your criteria to find properties that meet your needs.Contact us to explore your options and how we may be able to help you reach your goals.

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