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The CFO Centre work directly with the top leadership to have a clear understanding of who they are, where they are leading the company, and what they are desiring to accomplish. You can rely on our experts to build the team you need so that you can focus on leading your business. We are an integrated professional services provider offering outsourced Chief Financial Officer Services to small and medium businesses across Australia. We are helping to drive growth by effective financial management, and provide you with insights through the interpretation of your business numbers. http://cfocentre.com.au/  

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Pressure to create, develop and innovate means that old systems can quickly become redundant and need rethinking and rebuilding. This is really one of the biggest headaches a business owner faces. Creating products is comparatively easy. Creating internal business controls, which are the systems and frameworks that allow all departments of the business to keep up to speed with changes is plain hard work.

To some extent this hard work is simply a part of building a fast growing business. That said, a lot of it can also be avoided by understanding business growth cycles and by designing an architecture which means your business is able to grow at a steady pace rather than allowing it periodically to outgrow itself (as you struggle to put out the fires).

Our ‘Internal Controls’ architecture enables our part-time CFOs to remove a lot of the burden from the CEO or MD (who often try to manage all the systems and information themselves).You have probably experienced a shift from knowing every last detail about the inner workings of your business – in the early days – to losing a lot of control over the processes which allow the business to operate.

Creating a well thought-through, comprehensive business plan is an arduous task. Thinking through objectives and likely outcomes which may occur many years down the line is, by nature, challenging. But it is the hard work up front which makes for lighter work down the road as all of our team of part-time CFOs will attest to. Most CEOs and MDs simply don’t have the time to spend on quality strategic thinking and to document and communicate that thinking in a way, which allows the whole business to buy into the vision.

Harder still is managing the business plan. Significant strategic course corrections are commonplace in fast growing businesses. These should be embraced. The tricky part though is in managing regular change. That requires a combination of time and specialist knowledge. There is an art and a science to effective business planning and getting it right brings a real sense of clarity and direction to a business – this is where an experienced part-time CFO can make a significant contribution.

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You have a 47% chance of winning at roulette and a 32% chance of winning on the slot machines and less than a 25% chance of succeeding with a new business or product.The reality is that 4 out of every 5 businesses fail due to poor cash flow management.

It would seem logical that following on from this, every business owner would have a clearly defined and well managed strategy to avoid running into cash flow problems and have a plan to improve cashflow when problems do arise, but amazingly this is very rarely the case.If every business owner understood the risks they face operating their business and had a strategy to overcome those risks, the business success rate in Australia would be vastly improved.

Most CEOs and MDs we meet have never had a thorough training in cash management. The creative skill set required to build a business is – for the most part – different to the skill set required to manage a business (and in particular manage the finance function within a business).

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