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West Palm Beach Pest Control Services Florida Environmental Pest Management is a local family-owned and operated pest control company in West Palm Beach, FL. The owners work with their employees on a daily basis to ensure that quality and consistency is provided to each and every one of our client's homes. With over 30 years of experience in the pest control industry, and as a premier bug exterminator in the South Florida area, we are able to solve any pest issue that you may have. All technicians go through extensive background checks, training programs and continuing educational programs to ensure that your home and property are safe, and held to the highest standards. At Florida Environmental, we take pride in your home as if it is our own.Call a Florida Environmental professional bug exterminator in West Palm Beach at (561) 689-8911, FL. Stop worrying about your home and lawn, and be able to actually enjoy it!

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Protects your lawn from- Insects, Fungus and Weeds Protects your ornamentals from- Insects and Diseases Every lawn is different so let Florida Environmental tailor a perfect lawn care treatment program to get the most out of your landscape!

Granular Fertilization Treatments: This is crucial to the beauty of your lawn, shrubs, trees and palms. Fertilizer is to plants as food is to you and I. Proper nutrition is crucial not only in development and growth of your landscape but it also helps prevent insect and disease infestation.

Deep Root Tree and Palm Beautification: These treatments are specifically tailored to help the overall beauty of palm trees and other trees that have either been neglected or trees that need to be kept in top quality shape. This treatment is a root drench treatment that is injected directly into the root system of the tree or palm. This ensures rapid and positive results for the specific tree being treated due to the amount and type of nutrients that the tree is being fed.

Fire Ant Control:Fire ants can be huge problem in any yard. We offer a combination of baiting and foliar lawn spraying applications to rid your yard of these pests.The easiest way to tell if fire ants are an issue in your yard is to look for the telltale mounds they build. Usually found in dry, sunny areas, these ants build mounds of sandy dirt that can reach heights of several inches. The ants themselves are reddish-brown in coloring, with darker colored abdomens. The biggest ones are only about a quarter-inch in length, but don’t let their small size fool you – this is an ant you don’t want to mess with.

So let us take care of them instead. Our technicians are highly trained in dealing with fire ants, and we know the best treatments to rid your lawn of these nasty critters. We use highly concentrated, eco-friendly baiting and spray methods that are guaranteed to eliminate the colony without being harmful to the planet.If you suspect that fire ants have invaded your lawn, don’t wait to contact us to set up a detailed evaluation and treatment plan.

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Our technicians are highly trained in applying fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides to keep your yard green and healthy all year long. Each of our techs has undergone months of specialized training in identifying different types of grass and other plants, as well as how to properly maintain their health. No two lawns are alike, so we tailor each treatment to meet your lawn spraying specific needs. Our customized formulas ensure optimal health for your grass, from root to tip. We also assess any problem areas, such as weeds or destructive insects, and can modify our treatment plans to eliminate these concerns.

Our approach also includes ongoing maintenance, as this is one of the cornerstones of long-term health for your lawn. We regularly schedule evaluations between treatments so we can spot any minor issues before they develop into major problems, saving you time and money in the long run.

Keeping your lawn lush and healthy doesn’t have to be a challenge. Whether you’re seeking residential or commercial care, we can provide the fertilizers and other treatments to keep your lawn in top shape. Our plans are completely customizable, so whether you’re after monthly, bi-monthly, or even quarterly service, we can accommodate you. Leave it to us and we’ll make sure your neighbors are “green” with envy every time they look at your lawn!

Towering palms, sprawling live oaks, stately ficus…these are just a few of the gorgeous trees you’ll see gracing the lawns of south Florida. Providing beauty and shade to your yard, these trees are an essential part of making your outdoor space feel welcoming and comfortable. Unfortunately, providing the proper care for these trees to keep them in good health can be a challenge. Many of the trees common to our area are highly susceptible to disease and insects, which can damage or even kill them. With proper maintenance and tree care, however, your trees can stay healthy and beautiful for years to come.

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