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Banish Pest Control is the only pest control company you will need to banish those unwanted pests from your home! We are equipped to handle virtually ALL your pest removal needs including rat control, mice control, ant control as well as termite control. We also exterminate small ants, carpenter ants, spiders, bats and much more! Our focus is to provide top of the line exterminator services to our clients by using the latest and best products and equipment there is. By using high quality equipment, you can be confident that our pest control service will safely and effectively exterminate the pests in your home. When using Banish Pest Control, not only will you be provided with the best exterminator services, but we also work with you to help deter any future pest problems from occurring. If you choose us as your professional pest service provider, you will experience quality customer service with honest answers, and of course, a pest free environment!

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Carpenter ants can establish nests in many different locations outdoors. Nests can be found in stumps, fence posts and woodpiles. Unlike termites, Carpenter Ants live in the wood they infest. They do not ingest wood because they cannot digest cellulose, so they simply excavate the wood to make their nests.For that reason, Carpenter Ants can be quite a problem if a nest is established within the structure of a home.

Spiders are those charming little eight legged creepy crawlies that everybody loves…Yeah right!There are many different types of spiders found throughout The Great Northwest that are household pests. The majority will be found outside in gardens and other areas of dense foliage, but can also be found in and around outdoor storage areas such as wood piles, under decking’s and between rocks. Most of them are more of a nuisance and an eye sore than they are dangerous. When found outdoors, Spiders are very beneficial because they feed on insects.

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Ants are some of the most successful of insects. There are many different species and they are all capable of reproducing at a rapid rate. When they enter your home, they can become quite a nuisance. Some of the most common ants to invade a home are the notorious “Sugar Ants”.

There are many different species, with many different household names: Sugar Ant, Little Black Ant, and Odorous House Ant to name a few.Odorous House Ants are some of the most common little ants on the West Coast and in the mid-southern region of the United Sates. They get their name due to the odor they produce when they are squished. These ants will range from one-twelfth to one-eighth inch long and are brownish black in color. They can nest outdoors and indoors, in many different locations. Outdoors, their nests are commonly found in the ground, but they can easily set up shop in stacks of firewood, or any kind of clutter or storage that is undisturbed. Other places include mulch, stones, or boards. Inside a home, it is possible to find nests inside walls, floors, or even under floor coverings e.g. carpet, linoleum, or behind tile.

Ants are natural foragers and they feed on many different types of food. They eat honeydew they collect from aphids and will also feed on other insects. Due to the large variety in their diet, they often invade homes in search of new food. Once inside, they can feed on fruits, sweets, meat, grease and vegetables.

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