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When you call Titan Pest Control for exterminating, you are getting a full service pest control company that is fully qualified to take care of pests in New Jersey and the greater NYC area. Our reputation is solid and built upon a foundation of trust, reliability, and focused customer service. The entire army of Titan pest control professionals has the knowledge and skills they need to eliminate your home of unwanted pests.

We specialize in controlling pests in homes, hotels and restaurants. Additionally, we have a hands on approach, offering immediate remediation of pests and implementing preventative pest control measures. As an experienced exterminator, we are confident in controlling all types of pests including; bed bugs, ants, rodents, mosquitoes, bees, roaches and even squirrels!

We abide by the highest standards in the industry, seamlessly combining expert exterminator techniques with stellar customer service. Our pest control service goes beyond ridding your New Jersey home of unwanted pests. We explore the problem and get right to the source. If you want the best exterminator in New Jersey, look no further. Contact us today and we’ll have a Titan technician assess your needs!

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If you are living with mice, rats, squirrels, or other rodents in your New Jersey home, you cannot afford to delay in getting rid of them. Rodents pose a high risk for your entire family, not just from their droppings, but also with the possibility of attack. A squirrel will react if they feel threatened and can pass along any number of dangerous diseases to their victim. At the first sign of a rodent, act fast and let Titan Pest Control kick them to the curb before someone in your home is seriously hurt.

Bed bugs are tenacious critters that can live for a year without being fed. They travel well and are thought to be coming from overseas, hopping inside of suitcases and on clothing for a free ride to your home. Even 5 star luxury hotels are now experiencing problems with these uninvited guests.

Bed bugs can live in your mattress and bed clothes, where they lie in wait for you to go to sleep. Once they hear your snoring, they know it’s time for dinner. You will not feel the bite, but you will wake up with an itchy bump in the morning.

The professional exterminators at Titan Pest Control recommend that you report a swarm of bees as soon as you notice them. A bee hive is capable of holding up to 10,000 vicious workers, all armed with a spiky stinger. If a bee hive is disturbed by someone other than a professional, your entire family is at risk for painful bee stings.

The detection of bees calls for a rapid response, and no one in the NJ or greater NYC area will react as quickly as the Titan team. We understand the urgency of a bee hive on your property or attached to your home and we will take quick action towards it removal.

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Exterminator, Pest Control, Exterminator NJ, Pest Control NJ, Pest control NYC Our technicians are outfitted with the most advanced exterminating weapons available in the industry, allowing us to free your New Jersey home from pesky pests. Each home is looked at individually to find the right solution to fix the pest problem. Some insects, such as bed bugs, may require that we make multiple visits to destroy the eggs and offspring that the parents leave behind.

There needs to be exacting attention to detail when eliminating insects from a New Jersey home. The Titan warriors are going to ensure that the health and safety of your family is our first priority, using exterminating techniques that keep your living areas safe. Before we can get to the business of bidding goodbye to bugs, we take all the necessary precautions to protect your family.

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