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Minneapolis Financial Advisor Pros helps people set up superior financial and retirement plans that are totally tax free, 100% safe from market declines, have unlimited contribution limits, and are completely private and liquid. Nothing else compares to what we offer. We are experts in setting up these plans and our fees are the lowest in the industry. Call or click today to find out more and schedule your free 15 minute analysis call.

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If you like the way our unique plan works for adults from a financial planning and a retirement planning standpoint, you will surely love how well it works for young children and college savings programs. This plan is simply SMART. It’s the smartest college savings plan you will ever see.

The Barefoot Retirement Plan is the premier, most powerful retirement plan in America. There is simply nothing else that can compare to it. Odds are you’ve never heard of it. This is the core, flagship plan that Minneapolis Financial Advisor Pros use to protect our clients and insure their retirement goals are met.

The first step to charting your path to a successful and happy retirement is finding out where you are right now. It’s estimated that over 65% of Americans have not checked to see if they are even remotely on track to reach their retirement goals. Don’t let that happen to you.

Many retirement calculators are complicated and take forever to plug in the information. Often when you finally get the results, they are so complicated you need to be a scientist to understand them.

That’s why we had our retirement calculator custom built to be quick, simple and easy. You literally can use our calculator in just a matter of minutes. Plus, you see your results immediately.

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One of the single biggest risk that people in Minneapolis and people throughout America face, that has the potential to CRUSH your financial plans… is market crashes. Market crashes can devastate your portfolio. They can easily set your retirement plans back a decade or more. Just take a look at our last two market crashes.

At Minneapolis Financial Advisor Pros our flagship plan, (which we call the Barefoot Retirement Plan), is GUARANTEED not to lose a single red cent in market downturns and in market crashes. Our clients absolutely LOVE this part of the plan. You just can’t put a price on a good night’s sleep. With our plan you can sleep like a baby knowing that you are 100% protected from losing during market crashes.

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