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Charlotte Financial Planner Pros helps clients structure superior financial and retirement plans that are completely tax free, 100% safe from market declines and crashes, have unlimited contribution limits, excellent growth and are completely private, liquid and creditor proof. Our fees are the lowest in the industry by far. Call or click today to find out more and schedule your free 15 minute analysis call.

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One of the single biggest risk that people in Charlotte and people throughout the Country face, that has the potential to CRUSH your financial plans… is market crashes. Market crashes can devastate your portfolio. They can easily set your retirement plans back a decade or more. Just take a look at our last two market crashes.

At Charlotte Financial Planner Pros our flagship plan, (which we call the Barefoot Retirement Plan), is GUARANTEED not to lose a single red cent in market downturns and in market crashes. Our clients absolutely LOVE this part of the plan. You just can’t put a price on a good night’s sleep. With our plan you can sleep like a baby knowing that you are 100% protected from losing during market crashes.

You fund this plan for your child or children. You can set these specialized plans up for children beginning at any age. You can even set them up for newborns. When your children reach or approach college age, IF they decide they don’t want to go to college, no problem. YOU are in control of your college fund. It’s YOUR money and it’s your plan. You can use these funds for ANYTHING you want like; helping your child start their own business, travel the world, covering medical expenses, lean a trade, or anything under the sun they decide they want to do. You can spend the funds on anything at all that you wish; it doesn’t matter. There are NO RESTRICTIONS on taking funds out. You can take them out at ANY time for ANY reason. Plus, there are zero penalties for taking funds out.

If your child ends up deciding that they want to go to college, no problem. We will show you a unique way to actually borrow the funds out of the plan to pay for college. Doing it this way, your funds in the plan will CONTINUE to have the ability to grow, depending on market conditions, even though you borrowed the funds out against them to pay for college. And yes, of course this is perfectly legal and acceptable. Thousands of people do this every year. This just happens to be a little known plan that does not get talked about like the other Government sponsored plans.

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