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Brian D. Guralnick Injury Lawyers - West Palm Beach

At the Law Offices of Brian D. Guralnick, we work for our clients. When you need a West Palm Beach accident lawyer, Brian D. Guralnick and his team can offer you a personal and hands-on approach to your personal injury case. We will work closely with you, offering each client an assigned personal attorney, case manager and legal assistant to answer all questions and keep you in the loop.   Contact us: 561-202-6673 | https://www.injurylawpalmbeach.com

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According to the Centers for Disease Control, a traumatic brain injury, which may lead to death or permanent disability, can be caused in many ways, including when the head is bumped, struck, or jolted, or by a penetrating head injury. In order to be classified as traumatic, a brain injury needs to disrupt the brain’s normal functioning process. On average, 1.7 million Americans suffer traumatic brain injuries in the United States every year, ranging from mild to severe.

Living in South Florida affords us certain luxuries. The beautiful sun is constantly begging you to skip out from work or school, and lose yourself in one of the myriad of recreational aquatic activities that abound. However, being out on the open water can sometimes be just as dangerous as traveling on the open road. Many of your fellow maritime revelers may decide to consume alcoholic beverages while operating their boats, or ignore speed and wake warnings. This can lead to disastrous consequences. If you have encountered a boating accident resulting in harm to yourself or your family, you will need to contact a qualified lawyer at the Injury Law Offices of Brian D. Guralnick.

Even as you leave the comfort of your own home, it is reasonable to expect some measure of security. At any location where large numbers of people gather, there are certain precautions that must be taken by the event host. Unfortunately, when congregating in mass, human beings can be unpredictable, and a mass-scale riot can be set in motion over a minor offense. Without adequate security, you and your loved ones may find themselves at risk of injury. A Palm Beach personal injury lawyer may be a necessary call when you feel that your experience was tainted by a lack of proper protection. We are happy to be the personal injury lawyer’s promotion planners in south Florida can contact should they have any questions about the legal requirements of their event.

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Car Accidents, Assault Claims, Injuries from Animals, Road & Traffic Accidents, Accident Resulting in Paralysis, Accidents on Residential or Commercial Property, Accident Resulting in Brain Injury, Failure to Provide Adequate Security, Slip and Fall Accidents, Boating Accidents, Pool Accidents, Wrongful Death

Road and traffic accidents are not planned. None of us have ever woken up worried about making their 4:00 PM fender-bender appointment. It is for this reason that many Florida residents neglect to thoroughly research lawyers prior to actually needing one. Unfortunately, this often leaves victims scrambling for answers in the midst of an already stressful situation. By performing their due diligence in preparation of the unknown, many of my clients found that they were able to concentrate on healing and tending to their families, while I fought for them in court. In my experience, it is always better to have a reliable traffic accident lawyer and not need him, rather than the opposite.

Traveling safely in South Florida brings with it many unique obstacles. The beaches and lifestyle attract tourists and celebrities in droves. A continually rising population ensures motorists of all ages are constantly occupying the highways and byways. Rain showers that appear and disappear as though controlled by a toddler with access to a light switch can keep even the most alert drivers on their tips of their toes…or treads, as it would be. Most of us who have grown up in this organized chaos have adapted. However, Florida is still one of the annual leaders in accidents resulting in injuries, which just goes to show how essential the right road accident lawyer can be.

At the Injury Law Offices of Brian D. Guralnick, my team and I Demand More for victims of Florida traffic accidents large and small. We’ve established a sterling reputation built on countless experience and legal victories over the course of nearly 2 decades. While we can’t help you predict when you’ll next need us, we can guarantee that when the time comes, you’ll be glad you decided to contact us to learn about your options beforehand. The doors to any of my multiple locations are always open, and I encourage you to stop by at any time and speak with one of our representatives…and that will be one appointment you won’t want to miss!

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