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With lawyers licensed in multiple states, Alexander Shunnarah & Associates represents clients in personal injury cases, including wrongful death, medical malpractice, workplace accidents, and motor vehicle accidents. We also handle cases involving social security disability, products liability, criminal and traffic cases, family law, and more. We can help you or your business file for bankruptcy. Our attorneys have the talent, resources, and trial and litigation experience necessary to protect your interests.Website URL: http://alexandershunnarahlaw.com/

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People are wrongfully accused and convicted of crimes everyday. There are very few legal matters as important as those where you find yourself charged with a crime or other infraction of the law. No matter how slight you believe your alleged violation of the law to be, infractions of the law carry serious consequences and therefore must be handled accordingly.

Some people believe they can adequately represent themselves in defense of a criminal charge, and some can. However, the much more common scenario is that an individual who initially believes they can represent themselves quickly realizes they are not capable of adequately doing so after their case has already been substantially damaged. Additionally, judges and juries often do not give the arguments of a criminal defendant the same weight or level of credibility as would have been given if the same arguments were made by an attorney representing the criminal defendant.

Therefore, no matter how slight the charge or infraction may seem, if you want the best chance of avoiding penalties for your alleged crime or infraction you should contact a lawyer as soon as possible. The lawyers at Alexander Shunnarah Gulf Coast, LLP are prepared to fight to protect your freedom and good-name.

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Areas of Legal Practice:- Motor Vehicle Death- Wrongful Death- Catastrophic Injury- Premises & General Liability- Worker's Compensation- Medical Malpractice- Products Liability- Family Law- Criminal and Traffic Law.

Bankruptcy is never easy. Whether you are filing as an individual or for a failed business venture, there are a lot of factors to consider, and dealing with the long-term effects can sometimes seem overwhelming. Fortunately, the right bankruptcy attorney can help to minimize your debt liability and help ease some of that unwanted pressure. At Alexander Shunnarah Gulf Coast, LLP, our bankruptcy lawyers are here to ease the process and ensure you come out the other side without having to worry about a life-long penalty.

Bankruptcy tends to be a federal issue, and the most important development in recent years was the 2005 Bankruptcy Act. This Act set some ground rules for those who are filing and is meant to ensure that people can recover more easily when finances go south. According to the Act, all filers must undergo credit counseling at least six months prior to filing. However, on this point, individual states vary slightly.

For both Florida and Mississippi, a means test will be performed to see how your income over the past six months compares to the median income of your state. Should it fall below the median, you can file for Chapter 7, but if it falls above you must file for Chapter 13. In Alabama, filers must undergo this same means test, however, if you are unable to pay at least $6,000 to your creditors over the next 5 years ($100 per month), then you can still file under Chapter 7, even if you are above the state median.

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