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Pest Bird Management has been helping home and business owners remove pigeons and other birds from their properties for many years. From a small residential dwelling to a whole airport Albuquerque’s Pest Bird Management can remove unwanted pest birds from your property, no matter the size. First and foremost, pigeon control is what we do. Unlike other pest control companies we are specialized and our focus makes us extremely efficient. When we take on a project for our clients, they know they will receive excellent customer assistance, reliable and timely service, all done for a very reasonable price. As a family owned and operated business, we treat every job as if our reputation is on the line; because it is. Since Pest Bird Management started we have conducted business largely through word of mouth. Our satisfied clientele recognize the amount of pride and the extra effort that goes into each project, and we understand that keeping our clients happy ensures that they are satisfied and that they will recommend our services to community members and business owners. Pest Bird Management guarantees that you will be just as satisfied with our pigeon control services. We owe it to our past clients, ourselves and to you, to never let our rigorous standards slide. Contact us for solutions concerning any pest bird control issues!

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However, bird droppings can also cause a large range of diseases in humans; some of them only make you sick while others can prove to be fatal. Did you know that pigeons carry more than 60 different diseases? Feel free to contact Pest Bird Management now.

Bird droppings can be dangerous to your health as well as destructive to your rooftop. It is important that your home or business is properly cleaned and sanitized before a bird deterrent is installed. At Pest Bird Management, all of our technicians are expertly trained in leaving your property free from mites, ticks, droppings and any bacterial diseases that may be living on your rooftop . Pest Bird Management cleans, disinfects and deodorizes before we install anything.

At Pest Bird Management we understand the risks of bird droppings so you don’t have to. Once you contact us, we will conduct a site inspection and offer a professional solution explaining how to keep birds away from your property. With our knowledge and experience, time tested products, and affordable pricing, you can be sure that you are going to receive first class service. Pest Bird Management will get the project done and done right the first time.

Pest Bird Management knows how to get rid of birds and we know how to keep birds away forever. When your bird problem/infestation no longer exists, everyone is happy. We look out for our customers and this is why Pest Bird Management has become the premier pest control company in the region. Contact Pest Bird Management today to receive a free inspection of your home or business. It is possible to live bird free!

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pest control, bird control The life expectancy of a rooftop, commercial or residential, can be cut in half by just a light, but continuous, application of bird droppings. This light dusting of bird dropping can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs or an entire roof replacement. Bird droppings are naturally acidic and bird droppings actually eat away at most substrates, especially tar-based roofing materials. When bird droppings are allowed to accumulate on rooftops, they eat into the material and eventually cause leaks; feel free to contact Pest Bird Management now.

Pigeon nests are often built in rain gutters, drains and corners of roofs where drains are located. Many homes and warehouses experience water damage every year, there are rooftops that even collapsed when drainage systems are blocked and standing water is allowed to sit or rise just six inches. When sitting water is allowed to collect, a collapse rooftop could result in death or great bodily harm; this could put a company out of business.

Pigeons enter attics of houses, apartments, warehouses, restaurants and other buildings through openings that are not sealed off properly. In most scenarios the pigeons will set up home in these protected areas and start to build nests, all the time discarding bird droppings. Over time the weight of the droppings becomes so great that the actual ceiling collapses. You would guess that this type of occurrence would be extremely rare but it happens with alarming frequency.

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