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Manhattan Office Space - New York

MANHATTAN OFFICE SPACE ® was established in 1998 and is today the #1 resource for retail, non-profit, medical and office space in New York City. Clients are offered a wide selection of lease or purchase options, obtain the finest space and negotiate the most favorable terms within weeks, not months. The CEO of MANHATTAN OFFICE SPACE ® is J. Lawrence Zegarac, a licensed real estate broker and active member of the California (www.calbar.org) and New York State bar associations. For over 25 years, Mr. Zegarac has successfully represented commercial clients in Asia, Europe and North America in contract and lease negotiations. He has conducted business with the best (and worst) commercial office space brokers in New York City and personally selects the brokerage which will best fulfill your needs, eliminating any guesswork.

Because a licensed real estate broker negotiates the business terms of any lease or sublease, that critical job is not delegated to an affiliate or agent-in-training, as is the case with many brokerages; knows the commercial real estate market, each building, the asking and taking rents; and the leverage your company can exert through the intelligent use of financials, company brochures, etc. With this expertise, significant concessions can be obtained on your behalf from the widest selection of available space through the use of MANHATTAN OFFICE SPACE.

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ECSP reduces regulated electricity and natural gas costs up to 45% and 35% respectively for up to 12 years. Firms must either relocate out of targeted areas of the City or operate in property improved by at least 10% of the building’s assessed value for firms applying jointly with the IDA; or 30% for firms applying jointly with ICAP. Companies moving into the City from outside the City or renovating City/State owned property may also be eligible. Hotels and retail firms are ineligible.

NYC Business Solutions Recruitment and Training Funds provide resources and funding to ensure that businesses can find and train the workers they need to succeed. NYC Business Solutions Recruitment helps employers identify, recruit, pre-screen, and hire employees, all at no cost to the business. NYC Business Solutions Training Funds provide up to 70% of training costs for NYC based employees (max of $400,000) in nine priority sectors to address skill shortages in entry level positions.

A one time tax credit for manufacturing firms moving into targeted IBZs. Businesses are credited for eligible moving costs up to the lesser of $1,000 per employee relocated or $100,000. There are IBZs throughout the City.

New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) NYSERDA programs provide industrial and commercial businesses with energy efficiency services for existing buildings, new construction, industrial facilities, and vehicle fleets. NYS Film Production Tax Credits Qualified film and television productions can receive a 30% State tax credit on eligible production costs. Tax credits are available for feature length films, television pilots and television series.

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Businesses located in New York City are eligible for a wide variety of incentive programs offered through City, State, and Federal agencies. Incentives include tax benefits, energy and wage benefits, and technical assistance. Incentives are designed to support economic and neighborhood development in NYC while offering valuable services and savings to small businesses. Generally, incentive programs are triggered by one of four main activities: relocating (to or within NYC); investing in equipment; purchasing and improving property; recruiting and training employees. Summarized below is an overview of the commonly accessed incentives programs.

ICAP grants abatements on real estate property taxes for renovated and newly constructed commercial and industrial buildings. Benefits can last up to 25 years depending on location. Properties must be improved by at least 30% of their assessed value to qualify for the abatement. Industrial properties improved by at least 40% of their assessed value are eligible for an additional abatement. Restrictions on retail activity apply.

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