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The Scranton Law Firm was started by Personal Injury Lawyer Mike Scranton with a promise to give out more free accident advice then any other Personal Injury Firm, to be an advocate for those that couldn't other wise afford legal assistance, and to get our injured clients the maximum settlements possible. The Scranton Promise is still carried on today by Mike's son Christian Scranton.

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In California, cyclists must follow the same basic traffic regulations as motorists. Just like motorists, a person riding a bicycle must exercise care and responsibility in traffic. Unfortunately, many motorists do not know how to properly share the roads with cyclists and accidents result. As the number of people riding bikes has increased, so has the number of traffic accidents involving cars and cyclists. In 2012, according to the NHTSA, 49,000 bicyclists were injured in traffic accidents in the United States and 796 were killed. A person on a bike is not protected by thousands of pounds of metal, if a collision does occur, the cyclist’s injuries can be severe.

The most common theory of liability in a bicycle accident case is Negligence. If it can be shown that the driver was at fault, damages may be recovered. Other theories of liability may also be pursued such as unsafe road conditions, and product manufacturing or design defects. The specific facts of each case must be analyzed by an experienced attorney in order to determine the cause of the accident, the liability of the parties, and the appropriate damages.

You may also be entitled to compensation for the cost of repairs or even replacement of your damaged bicycle. If your bike is totaled (it cannot be adequately and fully repaired) by the accident then you are entitled to be compensated for the replacement value of your bike. Do not let insurance adjusters trick you into accepting a depreciated value for your bike.

Bicycle accident claims are subject to various Statutes Of Limitations which limit the amount of time you have to file a lawsuit. In order to protect your rights, you should immediately seek the advice of an attorney who has experience with bicycle accidents. If you were hit by a government vehicle such as a city bus, fire truck, police car, etc. you must immediately contact us as municipalities often have a shorter window in which to file a claim. It can be as short as 30-60 days

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Motorcycle accidents are very common in California. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the number of motorcycle accident fatalities has increased for nine years in a row. Motorcycle riders account for more than 11% of all vehicle accident fatalities and the total number of fatal motorcycle crashes increased by 127% between 1997 and 2006.

Motorcyclists face many unique challenges on the road which are not confronted by other drivers. Motorcycles are smaller than cars and are often difficult to see because of other vehicles, road signs and obstacles, or weather conditions. Road hazards such as debris, puddles, potholes, uneven pavement and oil slicks can be major problems for motorcyclists but go largely unnoticed by other drivers. By far the most common cause of motorcycle accidents is the Negligence of other drivers. Other common causes include unsafe road conditions, defective product manufacturing and operator inexperience.

Motorcycles lack many of the protections found in other vehicles such as air bags, safety belts and barriers between the road and the driver. As a result, when an accident happens, the injuries to the motorcycle rider and their passenger can be serious and often fatal. Recent data indicates that motorcyclists are far more likely than passenger car occupants to be injured or killed in vehicle accidents.

Lawsuits regarding motorcycle accidents are generally handled in the same way as other vehicle accidents. However, there are some specific California laws concerning motorcycles that make it advisable to use an attorney with experience in motorcycle accidents. For example, motorcyclists in California are required to wear protective headgear and failure to do so may result in the rider being found partial liable for their injuries.

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