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We provide search engine optimization for a wide variety of different business that cover a wide range of different industries. We have designed our SEO, Reputation Management, Social Management, PPC & Web Design service to affordable & effective. We use the same techniques that are employed by some of the top brands & Fortune 500 companies, all of which has been proven to be safe and effective and generates results in a very short time span. Call us today and get a FREE quote so we can start to help you expand your business.

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Basically in a nutshell, we find negative reviews about your business and we either get them deleted or in most cases pushed so far back in Google that it would be extremely hard to find. For example, we work with the roofing company who had given a potential client A consultation. So the roofing company and the client pretty much got an appointment set up so they can get started. Upon further inspection, the roofing company found out that because the roof was in such bad shape that it was out of their scope to even work on it. So they refunded the money to the customer and informed them that they cannot take on this project.

Despite taking all the proper steps, the customer still went out and wrote one of the most negative reviews that I’ve read personally some of which were pure lies. It was clear that the customer had some vindictiveness in their heart. Even though the roofing company did nothing wrong and followed the proper procedures that they were supposed to.

Worst of all, because the client left the negative review on Yahoo Business Directory and because Yahoo has huge domain authority, every time you type in the roofing company’s name in Google the Yahoo review pops up on the first page. As you could imagine, this little review was enough to cost the roofing company thousands of dollars of potential clients that would’ve worked with them if they hadn’t read that one review.

As you know, having social media presence is extremely important in this day and age, no matter if you’re a celebrity or a plumber having an active social media account to some people is the link between a trustworthy company or one you should be a bit wary of.

We recommend all of Boca Raton clients as well as other clients to make sure that they at least have the bare minimum of a Facebook account and a twitter account. According to statistics over 40% of the population in the United States, which is about 128 million spend time on Facebook.

From interacting with our clients. We come to find out that most of them did not have social media accounts due to the fact that they did not know what social media marketing entails and why it’s so crucial in this day in age.

As a matter of fact, a lot of our clients tell us that they feel like they should be doing social media marketing but they also feel a bit wary because they have no clue as to how they should be interacting with their customers and they have no idea where they should begin.

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Your website is one of the most important assets that you probably have for your business. A lot of our clients don’t know how important their website actually is. One question we like to ask our clients which is kind of a loaded question is “what is the purpose of your website?” And we never get a straight answer as everyone has a different definition. To us the main purpose of your website is to simply get people to call you. It’s that simple.

If you have a crummy looking website or website that just doesn’t WOW you when you first land on it and your competitor happens to have a very well designed website that captivates you guaranteed, even if you’re the number one website listed on the search engines, if that user happens to stumble on your competitor’s website, your competitor might end up getting the sale. Even if you offer a better service.

It’s all about presentation, there’s a reason why million-dollar companies spend upwards of hundred thousand dollars on a website design. It builds trust with the user, if your website looks like it was designed in the 1990s or early 2000 people are going to be wary about your business as a whole because your website is supposed to represent your business. Just like your clothing is supposed to represent you. Even when you go to a gourmet restaurant, the food may not necessarily be that different from any other restaurant with the exception of the presentation of the food which makes it look more savory than it actually is.

With so many websites on the Internet and with so many companies competing against each other to get that sale, you need to do everything you can to get an upper hand on your competitor and having a beautifully designed website is one of those ways. The motto “if you build it they will come” does not apply when it comes to websites. You would be surprised at how many people happen to do impulse buys just because something looks very appealing to them.

That’s where we come in, our goal is to help you get your website to convert at a very high rate. One thing I've personally learned from being Internet Marketer is that sometimes it's not even about getting more traffic. It’s more about converting the traffic that you're already getting. Simple changes in color schemes and the use of color psychology can literally increase your conversions by 15% overnight. When we design a website for you that's some of the things we keep in mind: color psychology, integrated mailing list (which help you capture leads so you can market to that customer at a later date) and various other techniques.

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