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P.O. Box 451506 , Miami- 33245
Florida , United States  United States
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Paul Chehade Group - Miami

At Paul Chehade group our passion makes us feel a strong commitment to help people’s dreams came true. As the strongest and safest organization in the industry, we are aware that trust is a key element in the business development. Therefore, we stand our business in reliable relationships, outstanding service, and personalized assistance around the world.Paul Chehade group is proud to be staffed by professionals with years of experience in a wide variety of fields such as: International Finance, Banking, Trade, and Multinational Projects Development.Paul Chehade group provides financial credit assistant, engineering, projects management, and construction services to governments and private institutions developing public and private infrastructures projects.Paul Chehade group also specializes in Projects Development, Financing, Mining, Trading, Import-Export, Construction, and Environmental Solutions worldwide.

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To advance developing country agriculture, Paul Chehade group supports the development of new crop varieties, enhancing soil productivity and facilitating access to markets and technologies for poor farmers.Nearly 3 billion people living in rural area of developing depend on agriculture for their livelihoods.Of this number, about 880 million people remain undernourished and roughly 24,000 die each day from hunger and hunger-related causes.

In Africa, which has benefited from few of the advances of modern agricultural science, complex weather conditions, limited government capacity, scant infrastructure, and poorly -functioning markets conspire to keep many families on the brink of starvation and firmly in poverty.

In the face of such complex challenges, Africa’s own scientists are making gradual but steady progress in breeding better varieties of crops, and improving soil conservation and enrichment techniques, leading to bigger and more reliable harvests. Yet for these and other advances to take hold, Africa also needs to develop the elementary components of a market system, so that farmers can buy fertilizers and other inputs at fair prices, and then store, grade and sell their excess crops for a competitive price.

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