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LGBT Family Law Center is a family law firm with attorneys in Greenville, South Carolina, serving the LGBT community. Contact our Greenville LGBT family court lawyers today for a free consultation.Phone: 864-326-2900 Website: http://lgbtfamilylawcenter.com

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Our same sex family attorneys acknowledge that adoption can become another issue. While normally complex, it can become especially so for same-sex couples. Same-sex couples in South Carolina are not prohibited from adopting, but the laws have certainly not been written to assist with same-sex adoptions. Turning to an experienced LGBT family lawyer who understands the complex process is critical to ensuring everything goes as smoothly as possible and that your best interests are protected.

Another aspect of family law that has always impacted LGBT families is estate planning. Now that same-sex marriage is legal nationwide thanks to the Obergefell v. Hodges ruling, many of the estate planning advice given out to heterosexual couples would equally apply to same-sex couples. Though there may be overlap, the topic deserves a quick discussion with a LGBT family lawyer.

First, draft a will. Or at least what you want a professional to cover in your will. A same sex family attorney will advise that wills are important estate-planning documents that allow you to control who inherits and what happens to your property once you are no longer around to do it yourself. Wills also allow you to name who you wish to serve as the guardian to your children, a potentially critical component of an estate plan for same-sex couples.

A knowledgeable LGBT family lawyer will explain that same-sex couples should protect themselves in the same way that heterosexual couples have done when entering marriage. This is commonly done using a prenuptial agreement. A prenuptial agreement a legally binding contract that defines assets that were obtain before marriage. According to our staff of same sex family attorneys, when assets are properly defined in a prenuptial agreement, it alleviates some of the difficulty in instances of divorce.

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Though surrogacy is by no means limited to the LGBT community, it is more common than in opposite-sex marriages. Surrogacy and the use of other reproductive technology such as sperm and egg donations can be great ways for LGBT families to grow, but can also come with a host of potential problems. A knowledgeable LGBT family lawyer would know that too often contracts with donors, surrogates and even amongst the couple itself are flimsy or nonexistent, leading to devastating legal trouble in the event that something goes wrong.

A surrogate that backs out, a couple that breaks up, a donor that changes his or her mind; these are all things that can cause serious trouble for same-sex couples hoping to welcome a new member to the family. You’ll need to rely on your Greenville, South Carolina same sex family attorney to ensure that whatever arrangement you choose has been vetted, is legally sound, and properly documented with a plan in place if things go wrong.

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