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The distribution of property can be done in many ways. Often, different states will do their best to divide assets and property as equally as they can between the two parties and have property that one owned before getting into the marriage reverting back to the owner. Sometimes, there are exceptions to this. Circumstances can affect the distribution of such assets and property.

A case like gifted monies or inheritances is divided between the two parties without consideration for the original recipient. Some states treat such cases differently however. The general rule guiding property distribution is to do so equally. In some cases though, some states distribute property communally.

Divorce papers can be presented in the county where the giver of the divorce forms lives or resides or where the recipient of such resides three months before the whole process begins. This depends on the state where one lives and the rules that govern divorce in that state.

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Different states and sometimes counties found within those states have a stipulated set of laws about divorce and rules governing the whole process. These laws are unique to that State or county and they have to be satisfied so as to meet requirements for residency, reasons one has to file for a divorce and other factors. It is only when such requirements are met that the divorce file will be viewed as legit.Read through this divorce glossary to get a better understanding of what is unique about divorce laws for different states.

For a divorce to be deemed as legally legit, one has to meet the residency requirements of their respective state. These requirements are different for different states and sometimes for counties. Ideally, a person filing for a divorce has to be a resident of both the state and county where they are filing the divorce. They should have been a resident for a minimum duration of three months.

There can be variations for different states, provinces or counties. Special considerations are in place for people who are serving in the military. In such cases, the requirement is based on the mailing address and not where the person is serving. In some states, one may be required to wait for a specified amount of time after they have done the first filing and this period has to elapse before the divorce is said to be complete.

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