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Our Las Vegas criminal defense lawyers at De Castroverde Law Group are dedicated to providing the community with aggressive and effective representation against all types of criminal charges. Facing serious criminal accusations is frightening and frustrating, and you should have all the facts before making any decisions about your criminal defense case. We are experienced in defending our clients' rights and interests against all types of criminal charges, and can fight for you as well. Contact Us: 702-383-0606 | www.dlgteam.com

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A pedestrian may be at serious risk of injury if involved in any traffic-related accident. In fact, a pedestrian may also be at risk of injury when walking by a construction site or may be injured if a sidewalk is uneven or otherwise poorly maintained. Working with an attorney is an important step to take in the wake of any type of pedestrian injury or accident.

A lawyer with experience in these matters can assist you in filing a personal injury claim or lawsuit against whatever party should be held accountable. This may be the driver of the car that struck you, may be a property owner or municipal authority responsible for maintaining a walkway where you slipped and fell, or may be a construction company that maintained unsafe working conditions at a construction site.

Regardless of the circumstances of your case, a pedestrian injury lawyer at De Castroverde Law Group can provide you with the knowledgeable, compassionate counsel you need. We can talk to you about the circumstances of your accident and the injuries you sustained in order to determine how to best represent your interests and hold the responsible party legally accountable for their actions.

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Negligent security may be the cause of serious personal injuries, sustained from attacks or assaults on another person’s property. Parking lots and garages, casinos, office buildings, hotels, apartment buildings and retail stores are all potentially dangerous if proper security measures are not taken to protect customers and visitors. Lax security measures, untrained security personnel, a faulty security system or similar situations may result in a robbery, burglary, rape, assault, or any of a number of other serious situations.

If you or someone you know was attacked, injured or assaulted in any way at any of these places, it may be that you can work with a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer to file a claim or lawsuit against the property owner or manager. Being the victim of a crime of this magnitude can result in serious physical and emotional trauma. In consulting an attorney regarding your matter, you can find out what your case may be worth, who you can bring a claim against and what legal rights you have in this regard.

You have the right to expect a safe environment when you visit a casino, work in an office building or use a parking garage. The owners and managers of these properties also have the obligation to take reasonable measures to protect visitors and tenants. A negligent property owner or business owner may be held legally responsible for injuries that a tenant of visitor sustains because of an attack or assault, possibly including assaults by security personnel themselves. It will be important for your attorney to review your particular claim in order to determine who can be held responsible.

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