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Shapiro Legal Group serves clients in the greater San Francisco Bay Area with personal injuries and wrongful death claims for their loved ones. Attorney Jacob Shapiro has been counseling and representing his clients for over 17 years in all areas relating to personal injury. Mr. Shapiro provides excellent customer service because for each client their case is the most important. You will receive honest advice and the help you need. Do not try to deal with insurance companies or adjusters on your own. We can help you avoid making common mistakes so you obtain the justice you deserve. If you give a recorded statement to the insurance company, if you do not obtain medical treatment right away, if you have gaps in your medical care, if you do not preserve important evidence, if you fill out a form that you should not or fail to fill out a form you should, then your legal claim or the value of your recovery could be dramatically affected. Mr. Shapiro will be there every step along the way in the claim or legal process to help you avoid these common mistakes.

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A dog that would never harm its owner could viciously bite a stranger when least expected. Dogs have protective instincts which can trigger a biting response. While some dogs appear violent by nature, these are often avoided by strangers and bites often happen during interactions when people approach dogs who appear docile. In either circumstance, an injured victim may be entitled to compensation and it is important to obtain legal representation to deal with the intricacies in this area of law.

If you or a loved one is bitten or mauled by a dog, the victim should receive urgent medical care. It is also very important to obtain the necessary identifying information about the dog, including its breed, owner, and if different, the dog handler. Contact information for any witnesses should also be obtained at the scene. If possible, take a photograph of the dog and even the dog's handler. A report should also be generated for the incident with the animal control authority for the area where the incident occurred.

Riding a motorcycle can be a thrilling experience. But unfortunately the openness the rider enjoys can also lead to devastating consequences when an accident does happen. All of the protections one has in a car, such as seatbelts, airbags, the enclosed frame, the bumpers, and crumple zones do not exist for the motorcycle rider. While every rider should wear a helmet and protective clothing, these do not provide the level of safety needed to avoid significant injury.

Motorcyclists are often not readily seen by drivers and every avid motorcyclist knows the experience of seeing drivers who do not see them and drive accordingly. While every motorcyclist has not been in an accident, virtually all have experienced close calls because drivers simply do not look for motorcycles as well as they look for other cars.

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Auto Accidents, Wrongful Death, Slip and Fall Incidents, Elevator Accidents / Malfunctions, Spinal Cord Injuries

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