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Law Office of James Medows - Brooklyn

James Medows is a second-generation criminal defense attorney specializing in all traffic and criminal-related matters cases.

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At the Law Office of James Medows, you are not just treated as a client... you are treated like family. James provides the skills and services of one of the most dedicated defense lawyers in the City of New York with the promise to offer you the highest degree of representation and compassion of any lawyer.

There are literally dozens of reasons police can give you a traffic ticket in New York, from improper passing to failing to see a “School Zone” sign. Police don’t even have to be physically present to ticket you – there are cameras all over the city that can capture your license plate number, and you can open your mailbox to find that you’ve been slapped with a huge fine for something you don’t even remember doing.

You don’t have many options once you’ve gotten a ticket, whether a police officer handed it to you at the scene of the incident or you received it in the mail. Most people make the mistake of writing a check, dropping it in the mail, and accepting the points on their driver’s licenses. That’s not always the smart choice, though. The consequences of a traffic ticket can really pile up quickly, and if there’s any way to contest it, it’s usually a best to do so. At the very least, you should explore your options before you mail the state a check.

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