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Call Ants. Etc Pest Service for quality pest control service in Maine. Dial 207-892-7855 in Windham or 207-774-2225 in Portland ME for all pest removal.

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If you find that you have a rodent problem in Windham, Maine, you are not alone. During the cold winters, rats, mice, squirrels and other rodents will make their way into our homes in an effort to find food and stay warm.

Signs of rodent infestation usually include droppings, shredded papers, and chewed up food containers. These things can all usually be found in the pantry or cupboards.

There are a number of reasons you do not want to try and handle problems with rodents in Maine on your own. First, where there is one there are usually many. Nests will be built behind walls and under cabinets. These vermin carry all sorts of diseases, parasites, and can be a hazard to your health. They are crafty critters requiring someone with experience and the proper tools to effectively get rid of them.

Ants Etc. will help rid your home or business of rodents and give you the tools and information you need to be keep them from returning. Whether needing residential or commercial pest control in Windham, Maine contact Matt Stover and the Ants Etc. team today.

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Red pavement ants live in, you guessed it, the pavement. Or rather the sand and soil in pavement cracks, next to sidewalks or under driveways. They build nests and lay eggs there. Though they have also been known to nest in wood, like your walls, if need be. One nest can be home to a couple dozen ants or a couple thousand, depending on the location and size of the dwelling.

Some males and females can have wings and mate in flight – these are the kings and queens. After mating, males/kings die within a week or so and females move on to start a new colony for their eggs. Queens can live up to 30 years with their only role being to lay eggs. Sterile females, known as the workers and scouts, live about three years. Because the reproduction and development stages only last a few weeks, ant nests and infestations can grow dramatically and get out of hand quickly.

These red pavement ants are predatory. Not only do they have all out battles with “enemy” colonies, often resulting in many slain ants, but they protect their own. For instance if you choose to walk through a group of ants and step on one, many others may crawl around your foot and up your leg in retaliation and protection. While not poisonous, the bite will likely pinch (especially the bites of many).

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