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Welcome to Sanders Elite Training (SET Performance), where we are breaking new ground every day and creating faster, stronger and better athletes for many sports such as football, basketball, soccer and lacrosse. Are you a linebacker who needs more short space agility and the ability to make fast turns? Are you a point guard who needs more hip stability? Are you a weekend warrior who is aiming to brave the Appalachian Trail or the Boston Marathon? At SET Performance, we create individualized programs for your particular body type and your particular needs in the sports you play. We work with professional and amateur athletes all over the United States and around the world to create a specialized training program that is completely scientific and based on no guesswork at all.

The System

Jerrian Sanders has been training athletes all over the world for the past 8 years. During this time, he used the qualifications he gained in Kinesiology, the science of your body and motion, to help hundreds of professional athletes all over the world become magnitudes better at their chosen sport and specialization. The amount of time that Jerrian has spent working with world-class athletes has allowed him to become a master in the craft of training for sports and become an expert in this elite field of high-performance athletics.By understanding the physiology of the human body, a program can be implemented to systematically develop weight loss or athletic development programs.

The Programs

SET Performance offers a variety of programs and services:
  • Scientific analysis of your body type
  • Evaluation of your current fitness and setting reachable goals
  • Developing a specific, custom-made program designed to increase your strength, agility, endurance or any combination of the above
  • Individual training for athletes of all levels
  • Small group training for teams
  • Weight loss advice and programs
  • Boot camps for fitness
SET Performance offers a whole gamut of services for physical fitness and everything is customized for what you need. Regardless of whether you are a fitness freak or an athlete, a weekend warrior or a daily sportsperson, every aspect of your training program is based on your tests and pure scientific methods are applied to make your goals a reality. Training for sports is a balance of physical and mental challenges that take you, step by step, to the next level, pushing your game forward and making you faster, stronger, and more enduring in any sports you do.

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Additional Information

About Jerrian

Jerrian Sanders works with professional and aspiring athletes all over the United States and the world to create faster, stronger, and more enduring athletes for sports such as basketball, football, soccer, and lacrosse.

Jerrian is a leader in the field of sports performance in the United States. Having graduated from Georgia Southern University in Kinesiology, Jerrian has worked for 8 years with athletes of a range of skill levels. Having spent thousands of hours with hundreds of athletes, Jerrian also founded The Factory Fitness and Sports Performance Center in Jacksonville, Florida. Before that, he was the director of the High Intensity Training Center of Jacksonville for 5 years.

Breaking New Ground

Jerrian Sanders has been training athletes all over the world for the past 8 years, and as such, he has trained college-and professional-level athletes to become experts in this elite field of high-performance sports.

Jerrian has played a key role in his company’s rise to the position of one of the most elite sports institutions in the country. He designs and directs a number of initiatives such as:

  • Sports and fitness camps
  • Complete health boot camps
  • Advanced clinics for sportspeople in their chosen profession
  • Combines that test the athletes overall athleticism

Jerrian has worked with a number of key partners such as Florida Prep, Reebok Exposure basketball camps, Mel Kiper 7 on 7U tournaments, and F.A.S.T. Trak sports camps all across Florida.

Jerrian has worked with a multitude of Division I, NFL and MLB athletes. Some of his more prestigious clients are Reggie Nelson, Mike Peterson, Pac Man Jones, Marcus Stroud, Billy Butler, Kyle Parker and David Garrard.

Jerrian is also a writer for The Active and Florida Prep Quarterly where he shares his extensive scientific knowledge on kinesiology, sports and fitness gained from professional training and years of focused, detail-oriented high-profile work with college-level and professional athletes.

A native of Augusta, Georgia, Jerrian is deeply committed to and involved in the community. Jerrian is an active member of the local charity City Streets 2 Student Athletes, a non-profit organization that focuses on character development offering a 12 week speed camp that is FREE to the public. Participating students receive college tours, tutoring, and involvement in community service events. He has also donated time as a board member to the F.A.S.T. Trak program, which was another local nonprofit involved in youth development programs across the city and the state.

Product and Services

Athletic Performance

12 and Under Class

This purpose of the athletic performance class 12 & under is to develop the foundation tools of athleticism running form, jumping technique, balance, coordination, agility, flexibility, mobility, foot speed, hand-eye coordination, core strength, leg power and leg strength. Our primary goal is to teach athletes a cueing system they can use in any field of play, develop the work capacity to do large quantities of work with accuracy, and build upon the strengths the athlete naturally possesses.

13 and Over Class

The purpose of the athletic performance class for athletes 13 and over is to develop  functional strength, first step quickness, linear speed, lateral speed, and reaction time. In these classes our aim is to create a competitive environment in which the athletes push themselves to another level physically as well as mentally.  The classes are extremely intense and designed to gradually increase the athletes workload capacity.

For more information, contact SET Performance at (904)992-2001 or schedule your FREE EVALUATION online today.

Weekend Warrior

ery few people have the time or the patience for incorporating a complete physical workout schedule into their daily routine. After working a 9 to 5 job or slaving over a hot stove all day, it’s all one can do to just vegetate on his or her couch while watching reruns on television. Even if you are physically fit and healthy, it is unlikely that you have the motivation to keep fit in the absence of competition, especially since company organized sport events aren’t all that common nowadays due to spending cuts. If that’s the case, and you’re looking for some motivation, then the Weekend Warrior Program offered by SET Performance is ideal for you.

Jerrian Sanders has spent a number of years training with the common man, amateur athletes and professional athletes in order to perfect his technique of fitness and sports performance improvement. With his newly launched Weekend Warrior Jacksonville program, he offers anyone the chance to have a highly customized workout routine that also provides a much needed release for the need for competing against someone and also social interaction that provides an air of friendly competition.

It starts off with an assessment meeting with a team of physiologists who take your measurements, your body’s abilities and analyze your weaknesses, areas that potentially require special consideration, and other parameters. This baseline testing, as it is called, takes into account each person’s endurance, strength and overall composition in order to come up with the ideal training regimen that is uniquely tailored to fit your needs and requirements.

The Weekend Warrior program also uses these proven scientific facts that are usually taken into consideration only by professional athletes and implements them in special training procedures for emergency and law enforcement officials like Fire Fighters, Police Officers and also some Military and Para Military Personnel.

Combine Training

Combine training can be the perfect off season preparation for athletes. Combines are used to display a players overall athleticism in events such as the 40 yard dash, pro shuttle, vertical and broad jump and the bench press. Combines can make or break athletes depending on how well they perform at theses events. It can help improve performance at these events by increasing your speed, agility, muscular strength and power and upper body strength and endurance. Through repetition you can develop the muscle memory necessary to master combine training techniques.

For example, your 40 yd dash can improve significantly if you have a good start. One of the
techniques we use at SET Performance is the falling start drill. This drill is used to get
your body accustomed to the forward lean that you will need in order to maximize the acceleration phase of the sprint. The forward lean forces your legs to move faster than they are use to moving. Doing this drill continuously will help develop muscle memory, meaning if you continue to work your muscles at that load they will adapt to the speed and be able to perform at that level all the time.

SET Performance has a very detailed combine training. With over 8 years of high school combine, college Pro Day and NFL combine training experience, we have worked with hundreds of athletes in preparation for these events. These techniques have help put high school athletes on the radar of college coaches as well as improve draft stock of college athletes.

Contact us at (904)992-2001 to get more details on the program.


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