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How To Manage A Small Law Firm

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How To Manage A Small Law Firm - Miami

We are the leading, largest, biggest and best provider of outside Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Operating Officer (COO), Chief Financial Officer.

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The trouble for the owners of single-shareholder small law firms is that you can’t (shouldn’t) try to be your own managing partner. You shouldn’t (better not) try to get your spouse or significant other, to function as your managing partner. And you’d have to be a real idiot to try and get a member of your staff who depends on their salary, to be your managing partner because that’s almost as bad of an idea as asking your spouse or significant other to fill that role for your firm!

Seriously, if you’ve never experienced the confidence and clarity about your business and your future that comes from working with an experienced managing partner for your law firm…quite literally you just don’t know what you’ve been missing.Watch some of our testimonials here to see for yourself that our clients are raving fans:

They’re entrepreneurial, have above-average ambitions to build a successful law firm, they’re lawyers who believe in themselves enough to give themselves access to the best resources available and surround themselves with winners. And they are all people who have a sincere desire to discover the true limits of their potential.

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Whether you’re barely paying the bills or grossing $1 million plus annually, if you run a single-shareholder law firm and you are serious about growing your firm, making more money, and having fun in the process… our programs are meant for you.

We’ve worked with thousands of solo lawyers just like you and we’ve identified the common patterns and the challenges that hold them back. And we’ve seen that these obstacles evolve as the firm grows. That’s why we’ve divided our programs based on the four distinct stages of law firm growth.

Structuring our programs in this way allow us to provide each member with resources and solutions for the specific problems that they are stuck on. And it allows us to surround each member with a community of like-minded solo lawyers who are struggling with (and overcoming!) the same challenges.

Keep reading to identify which stage your law firm is currently in. Then, follow the appropriate link to see how we can help you grow your firm, make more money, and have a whole lot more fun in the process!

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