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Lyme disease is a condition that is transmitted through the bite of a tick that has been infected. Because a person that transmits lyme disease may not show any symptoms initially, this is a condition that can be rather difficult to diagnose in most patients. Preventing lyme disease in Connecticut will mean making sure that you take active steps to protect yourself.

To do so, you will have to be cautious of areas where you may come into contact with ticks and then make sure to remove them as quickly as possible so that you can avoid transmission.In the state of Connecticut, the transmission of lyme disease has become quite a rather important health concern. The area of Lyme, Connecticut is where this condition was first recognized and has since gone on to be studied by many who are trying to understand this and a lot of other diseases stemming from tick bites.

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A tick is basically a parasite that has to have blood from a host in order to live. As a tick is feasting on their host, they will start to swell up with the blood as it fills their body. Inside this blood is where the bacteria is located that causes disease and it then is transmitted between the hosts.

Because of the nature of transmission, it is crucial that anyone who is going to be outdoors in grassy or wooded areas take precautions to make sure that they are protected from tick bites. After all, the deer ticks that are known for carrying this disease can be as tiny as the head of a pin and might not be detectable by the naked eye upon first glance.

Dealing with lyme disease in Connecticut means not only taking care of yourself, but also watching out for your children and any of the pets that you have that are going outdoors. In the wild, these deer ticks are known for feeding on the blood of a variety of animals, ranging from mice and birds to larger animals such as deer.

Venturing out into any sort of wooded area or a spot outdoors where the grass is tall and thick could open you up to being the next host for one of these parasites carrying the disease.Knowing how to protect yourself from lyme disease will also mean knowing that there is only a particular type of tick that actually carries this disease and then transmits it by way of its bite.

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