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321 N Front St #207 , Wilmington- 28401
North Carolina , United States  United States
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Gregory K. Kornegay - Wilmington

Gregory Kornegay, an attorney based in Wilmington, NC, provides legal representation for Bankruptcy, Social Security Disability, Veterans' Disability, Criminal Defense, DWI, and Personal Injury. Over 25 years of experience.

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The American economy is based on credit. The government even promotes the spending of our hard-earned money on things that advertisers say we must have. Then something will happen in life – something unexpected comes along like job loss, medical bills, divorce, legal separation, business failures and foreclosure. The emotional pain and stress can be great. If any of these problems have created financial difficulties in your life, you aren’t alone. Many people with serious financial problems have found hope. Filing bankruptcy can erase debt and give you a fresh start in life.

We explain the legal process of bankruptcy and the required paperwork. No bankruptcy is fun, but it is very doable with the right guidance and a step by step approach. Filing bankruptcy stops your creditors from trying to collect from you – immediately! Today, bankruptcy law is needs based. Our goal is to protect your assets by applying exemptions and discharge your debts so you can get a fresh start in life.

If you have received a Social Security disability denial letter from the Social Security Administration with any of the above explanations, or other explanations, contact a Social Security disability lawyer as soon as possible. You normally have 60 days from the date that you received the denial letter in which to appeal.

Get 25 years of experience from a Social Security Disability attorney fighting for you. Our fees are paid from your back benefits only when we win your case. We have handled a wide variety of medical conditions through the years resulting in many favorable decisions. We handle tough cases – no cherry picking.

Complete our Evaluation Form for a case review. Get the help you need from a Social Security disability attorney. A Social Security disability lawyer will have the knowledge to focus on the issues important to the Social Security Administration.

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The process starts with a crime being reported by a citizen or observed by a law enforcement officer. There may be an investigation depending on the seriousness of the incident. The process of collecting evidence to determine the actual events and the individuals involved can continue right up until trial or plea. The accused or the suspect is charged with a crime and possibly taken into custody, depending on the seriousness of the incident.

If taken into custody, we call this an “arrest”. Bond will be set. After an arrest, the accused is given a preliminary hearing. The preliminary hearing is very informal and is really nothing more than a first appearance where the defendant is informed of the charges against them, their constitutional rights, and appointed an attorney if they cannot afford one.

If the case is a Misdemeanor, then a court date will be set for District Court. If the case is a Felony it may go to Superior Court either after a probable cause hearing in District Court or by an indictment by a grand jury. Most of the time, if a Felony case goes to Superior Court, it will be by indictment. Sometimes, the Felony may be disposed of in District Court by a plea if the Felony is not serious and the person charged does not have a substantial criminal record.

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