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Ky-Ko Pest Prevention has been providing top quality pest & termite control services for homeowners and businesses since 1999 in Phoenix, Arizona.

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All Technicians Are Arizona State Certified, Courteous, On-time and Professional.KY-KO meets industry controls, safety standards, notification requirements, OSHA laws.Targeted treatment programs for commercial buildings and properties All products are EPA registered.Long-term prevention plan for elevated health inspection scores.

Log documentation / Communication; including, Insurance Certification,USDA and FDA reports, Sanitation reports, Labels of registered pesticides, Operation Guidelines, Notification equirements, MSDS information.Recommendations provided to prevent re-infestation and improve health inspection scores.

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Although they produce honey which tastes delicious, bees and especially Africanized honey bees are dangerous as pests. When bees spot danger to their colonies, they target furry and dark-colored things which may be someone’s adored pet. Animals tied around bee nests are their prime targets.

KY-KO Pest Prevention is here to impress upon you the different types of bees and the danger they pose to animals and human beings around them. Once you understand the different types of bees and their various ways to attack those around them, you will be able to exercise caution.

Carpenter bees reside in 3-8 inch diameter holes which are covered in sawdust-like substance from underneath. Carpenter bees use their old nests year after year and one can see older holes near new ones. These are usually found in wooden surfaces like window frames. As for yellow jackets, there are stones and piles of earth found on the openings of their nests.

If you have any of these types of bees around the area you reside in, please contact KY-KO Pest Prevention immediately and allow us to take care of that. Our technicians are fully educated, trained and equipped about the basics of bees and they have ways to prevent those attacking human beings and animals. To prevent bee recurrence our representative will guide you through the process and train you to avoid any unfavorable situation.

Yellow jackets are some of the smallest bees around and they normally build their nests underground. There is a subclass called German Yellow jackets.These European bees which like to live in attics, wall voids, chimneys or holes that people miss; bees see these as ideal spaces for their nests.

Africanized Honey Bees that have grown their colonies in Arizona have become even stronger than before. The colonies that have survived the droughts of the past few years are very aggressive. Ky-Ko Pest Prevention should be immediately contacted if you become suspicious of their presence.

Carpenter Bees make tunnels in wood, and within buildings they build their nests on porch ceilings, windowsills and doors. They are sometimes found in telephone poles and other such places.Bumble Bees nest in underground mouse burrows, or under stones etc.

According to AMA 7 stings per pound by an Africanized Honey Bee can be lethal, but different people react to bee stings differently. Some people are allergic to bee stings and they should be careful around them. Pets also suffer the most by bee stings.

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