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16 Water Meadow Close Great Oakley , Corby- NN18 8JD
Northamptonshire , United Kingdom  United Kingdom
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Shuttercraft Northants - Corby

Shuttercraft Northants we are window shutter experts and provide a local service in and around Northants supplying and installing the widest range of S:CRAFT made-to-measure window shutters and venetian blinds. We offer a free consultation, survey and quote in your home.Shuttercraft Northants will not compromise on quality and longevity when it comes to plantation window shutters and wood slat Venetian blinds, and so only retail the S:CRAFT brand of top-of-the-line window installations. S:CRAFT have auspiciously gone from strength to strength and developed into the most popular shutter brand the industry has to offer.

Originally used in the USA, Plantation Shutters became highly accessible and popular and have extended to the UK, where they are better known as Window Shutters. Growing demand is due to the stylishness of these window furnishings, which blend seamlessly with the window and door recesses, match the home decor, take up so little space and can be enjoyed for years with little to no maintenance. Additionally, they are easy to operate, they can be combined and personalised to grant as much privacy and light ingress as needed and they have exceptional insulation qualities.Whenever you wish to spruce up your window treatments, give Shuttercraft Northants a call for reliable, expert advice on internal window shutters to suit your home.

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The shutter style for the romantic at heart, the café plantation shutter covers half the window height for privacy from street-level lookers-on, but also ample daylight ingress as there is no shutter on the top half the window to block out light. For absolute privacy and style, the café window shutters can be complemented with curtains and are particularly well suited to period cottages and homes. This is because often these style of houses were built many years ago close to quiet roads that may have become busy as people’s lifestyle change and therefore offer excellent privacy against passing traffic and pedestrians.

The ultimate in British window shutter styles, the 3, 5 and 7-sided bay window is a classic Victorian feature that can be hard to cover with blinds & curtains. We combine the classic bay with an extensive range of modern, high-quality frames, among which the 90 degree version. In the event that your bay does not match any of our stock models, we are at your disposal with custom bay frames for a flawless fit, look and feel.

Shutters for a bay window provide outstanding light and privacy control options through the operable panels and louvres. Shutters in a bay window also do not hide away the architectural feature of your room like what curtains can do. Instead they enhance it by fixing to the frame of your bay window to accentuate your window and also provide easy access to open and closing your windows. Bay shutters are suitable for all size, shape and configuration of bay windows from splay bays to square bays.

Styled windows are designed to make a statement, and covering them with classic blinds or curtains would detract from the singularity of the entire home. We can help you preserve the distinctiveness of these architectural statements by providing you window shutters of the finest quality and taste, made-to-measure to fit any sized curved window. This includes small port holes all the way up to large barn doors and expanses.

Product and Services

The classic Full Height, with its privacy bar, is the ideal installation for homes with generous natural lighting and little privacy, as is the Tier-on-Tier shutter. Both installations allow you to operate Louvres independently. The lower shutters in these installations can be closed while the ones above may be left open for sunlight, offering a mix of privacy and access to light, much like Café Style shutters do.

The By-Pass and Bi-Fold shutters are the perfect installations for homes with large door and window frames, but where space is at a premium, as they slide along tracks and either concertina or lie side-by-side. For the customer with classic tastes, we offer bay window shutters, traditional hardwood shutters and French door shutters. Curved, special shaped and angled shutters are our specialty, and customers seeking to accentuate the singularity of their awkward window recesses will be spoilt for choice by our stunning range of S:CRAFT shutters.

Perhaps one of our most popular shutter styles, the full-height window shutter is a versatile and practical window installation. We specialise in fitting these shutters in single panels that cover the entire window recess, from top to bottom. Depending on the material you choose during consultation and your personal preferences, as well as your window’s width, your installation will comprise of multiple panels which are hinged together in such a way as to cover the entire recess perfectly.

As for window length, we can add mid-rails, also known as privacy bars, to our larger panels, which not only confer additional stability to the installation, but also divide the louvres into panels which can be controlled independently. The end result is a lower section which can be closed to avoid exposure to the prying eyes of street-level onlookers, and an upper section which allows you to enjoy the sunlight to your heart’s content.

Resembling full height shutters in style and layout, tier-on-tier shutters are stand-alone panels which are operated independently and are placed above one another to cover the length of your window frame. Operating these shutter panels one by one will allow you to select sections of the window that you would like to be closed for privacy or opened to let the sunlight in.

Your options are to open the entire panel or to keep it shut and operate its louvres only to allow light ingress. Whichever combination of closed and opened panels and louvres you choose, please bear in mind that the top and bottom rails of shut panels are immobile, and will restrict light access into your home, slightly.

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