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Once applied, Microskin is durable, flexible, and it won't rub off on clothing or linen. It's waterproof and allows your skin to breathe.Microskin is a simulated second skin which is formulated individually to color correct skin conditions. It is a light liquidized application which is applied on to the epidermis (top layer of skin). Microskin is not a cream, and doesn't have the makeup appearance like other camouflage products.

It varies with different skin types (oily/dry) and with different parts of the body. Microskin can last 1-2 days on the face as the natural oils will break the Microskin down quicker. On other parts of the body you can get up to several days with an application; you may only need a slight touch up to achieve a longer lasting result.
When applied to the hands, the application will break down quicker due to frequent contact and hand washing. Burn patients are able to get more wear out of their Microskin as they don't have the sweat or oil glands to break it down. Active users or outdoor users may see their application break down faster due to climate conditions.

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Vitiligo is an acquired destruction of melanocytes resulting in white patches on the skin. Vitiligo may occur at any age, though about 50% present before the age of 20. The patches are completely de-pigmented and appear totally white. It may occur anywhere on the body, including around the mouth, nose and eyes. It may also occur on the elbows, knees, front of the shins, back of the hands and feet.When you arrive to the New York Microskin Center you will be greeted by the Microskin Staff.

You will work one-on-one with a Microskin consultant that has undergone extensive training in the Microskin System. The consultation will allow you to touch and feel the Microskin difference while it is applied to your skin. The consultant will develop a close approximation of your color-correction formula. If you elect to enroll in the Microskin System you will then have your skin scanned and an exact color-correction formula will be uniquely developed for your individual skin. Please leave 60 minutes for your consultation but stay as long as you wish. We look forward to meeting with you and we cannot wait to welcome you into the Microskin family.

Birthmark is a lay term for common pigmented nevi and hemangiomata or an overdevelopment of blood vessels that are congenital or hereditary.Becker's Nevus is more common in males and most commonly on the chest, shoulder and upper arms. It is initially flat but may become raised and pigmented and subsequently develop thick coarse hairs.

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