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What do you look for in a pharmacy. In our modern society, you expect pharmacies to offer you convenience, value, and service. Many pharmacies offer conveniences such as drive-thru windows, delivery, and taking care of your insurance authorizations and refills. These are things that you expect from your pharmacy. Them being committed to you to provide these extra services instills trust in you that they are looking out for you as a patient. They want to you to have the best experience possible, and you appreciate that. So why would compounding pharmacies be any different? Simply put, we don’t think they should be!The Compounding Pharmacy of America exists to provide you with that level of personal service that has been lacking in many compounding pharmacy customer and patient experiences.

We pride ourselves on making things as convenient for you as possible. Because we know that the last thing you want to do when you are busy or you or your loved one is sick, we offer free delivery to the doctor’s offices and homes in the area, and free standard shipping* to those who are outside of our delivery area. We do not mind going the extra mile for you! We are also an excellent value! Many compounding pharmacies are a “cash only” business structure. They cannot file a claim for you to your insurance company, and usually would not want to if given the opportunity. Instead, they consider their services a “premium” service, and charge a premium for their products. We at The Compounding Pharmacy of America believe this is simply wrong. Just because you need a medication that isn’t available at a regular pharmacy, why should you be expected to pay an arm and a leg for it? You shouldn’t! We believe in reasonable and fair prices for all of our cash-paying customers and patients. As a matter of fact, we will match any price, guaranteed. And unlike so many of our competitors, we can bill insurance for you! Doing business with us instead of our competitors can save you big. Just give us a chance to prove it to you.

At the Compounding Pharmacy of America, service isn’t just something we say, it’s what we are. We are a service for you each and every day. Try us out. You will not be disappointed.”Victor Poteet, Pharm.D. graduated Magna Cum Laude from Mercer university School of Pharmacy in 2005. Upon graduation, Victor accepted a pharmacist position at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville. At Vanderbilt, Dr. Poteet received extensive training in sterile products compounding, and was eventually promoted to be the Supervisor of Narcotics and Controlled Substances.

Victor accepted a position as a pharmacist with a compounding pharmacy in North Carolina, where he further expanded his practical experience in both sterile and non-sterile compounding. Victor brings tremendous experience in running the daily operations of a compounding pharmacy to our organization. He resides in Maryville, Tennessee with his wife Julie, and their daughters Bree and Annabelle.

Matthew Poteet, Pharm.D. graduated with Honors from Lee University with a Bachelors of Science in Biological Science. After his undergraduate training, he completed the Doctor of Pharmacy program at Mercer University Southern School of Pharmacy, graduating in 2004. Dr. Poteet has spent much of his pharmacy career on staff at two of the most prestigious academic teaching hospitals in the Southeast; Emory University in Atlanta and Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville. At these institutions he received extensive experience and training in sterile products compounding.

He returned home to East Tennessee in 2010, where he has held the position of Pharmacy Director at two sterile products pharmacies in Knoxville. Matthew lives in Knoxville with his wife, Chris. Dr. Poteet is Tennessee’s first Board Certified Anti-Aging Pharmacist by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. Casey Greene, Pharm.D., graduated from Kennesaw State University in 2006 with his Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise and Health Science. He then worked as a fitness and nutrition consultant for several years before pursuing pharmacy. Upon entering pharmacy school he went through years of extensive training in sterile medication compounding at Northside Hospital based in Atlanta, Georgia.

In 2013 he graduated with honors from Mercer University with his Doctor of Pharmacy Degree, and then began advanced pharmacy residency training at The Medical Center in Columbus, GA. Residency training enhanced his overall understanding of optimal medication use including ambulatory care, nutrition, internal medicine, long-term care, pediatrics, infectious disease, oncology, and more under leading clinical experts.

Dr. Greene now enjoys maximizing patient quality of life through customizing medications specifically for their health needs. He resides in Knoxville, Tennessee with his wife Erica, and 2 Shetland Sheepdogs Arwen and Maddie.

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Additional Information

Completely Customizable Pain Medicine Strengths — Many times in a hospice setting, commercial strengths of pain medicine aren’t strong enough. We can create a customized pain medication strength, so that your loved one feels completely comfortable during hospice care.

Transdermal Dosage Forms — We supply these to eliminate painful injections, when patients simply are unable swallow their medicines, and minimize the nausea that comes with taking certain medications orally.

Flavorings — Many times hospice patients may have an aversion to certain tastes, such as sweetness. We can make the preparations palatable for them, when the commercial preparations aren’t.

Unavailable Medications — We have an ongoing drug shortage problem in our modern health care system. The medications are often not being made in sufficient quantities by manufacturers, and alternatives are ineffective for your loved one. In these instances, we can make the medications for you, from the raw ingredients.

Combination Preparations — We can combine several of your loved one’s medications into a single dosage form, such as a transdermal gel, suppository, or capsule. This can simplify the medication administration schedule, making it easier on you, your hospice provider, and your loved one. Hospice care is an inherently difficult time for your family. We want you to know that you have a friend in The Compounding Pharmacy of America. We will do everything in our power to alleviate the drug administration issues that often occur during hospice.

These types of personalized treatments involve more than preparing medicines as a cream (although in some cases this is the preferred method of preparation for treating certain conditions). Since we are a dermatology pharmacy, our compounding pharmacists can also prepare custom topical formulations like a scalp lotion or nail lacquer, as appropriate, depending on the location of the area to be treated.

Patient preference is a factor when choosing a format for these medications as well. Some people want to have their medication prepared in a specific formulation, such as a gel as opposed to a solution. We can accommodate this type of request, and can even prepare the prescription in a manner that you find easier and more convenient to use.

The best medicines available to treat skin conditions won’t help a patient if they are not used correctly or don’t reach the area that needs to be treated. Working with a compounding pharmacy on your dermatology management needs means that patients can get the right help to ensure their skin concerns are treated effectively. Getting the correct diagnosis from the doctor is just the first step; following it up with an effective treatment plan, like ours, is the key to proper healing.

At The Compounding Pharmacy of America, we know that therapeutics in dermatology isn’t easy. More than most other medical specialties, patients with dermatological conditions need individualized care that is not usually available commercially. You need a dependable partner who can customize your medications to your exact specifications in a moment’s notice, time and time again. Let us be that partner.

Injectable medication for erectile dysfunction can be used on its own or in combination with other drugs to help restore function. The idea of injecting a substance in such a sensitive area may seem intimidating to patients and some men may find the idea off-putting due because they have concerns about pain, but this form of treatment does not involve a high level of discomfort. It is an easy and effective way to deal with this very real concern that can not only affect a man’s relationship with his partner, but also his self-confidence and self-esteem.

Urology is usually considered a branch of medicine that is concerned with treating men’s health issues, but women who are having sexual difficulties can benefit from consulting a specialist as well. Whether the underlying issue stems from use of a medication, chronic pain issues, or another cause, female enhancement creams can be prepared for a specific patient’s needs.

Unlike items bought off the shelf that are lubricants which have added dietary supplements and ingredients that create a cooling sensation but do little to increase blood flow to the genital area. A prescription preparation is the better choice since it will have the right ingredients to provide an effective solution to the problem.

Product and Services

As a patient, you undoubtedly have questions and concerns about each health care provider that you have. Be it a doctor, a nurse, a physical therapist, or the pharmacy, you are concerned with quality, cost and their commitment to your care.
When you’re struggling with an illness that needs complex medications, often times a normal pharmacy cannot fulfill your request. If they can, it’s not always the most cost-effective solution.

At Compounding Pharmacy of America, we make sure to provide the most cost-effective medication compounding solutions. Not only that, but we go the extra mile to call your insurance company and work with them to make sure they can cover some of your medication costs.

Nobody wants to wait on their pharmacist when they’re in desperate need of medication. We make refills and ordering prescriptions as convenient as possible. The last thing we want, is for you to have to wait on us to receive a refill. You can simply order your refills online or call them in. From there, we can schedule your order for pickup or deliver it to you or your doctor’s office.

As you go through your day as a health care provider; whether you are a doctor, nurse, veterinarian, dentist, or physician assistant, there are certain services that you depend on to make your day easier and to give you peace of mind at night.

One of those is having a quality prescription compounding pharmacy that you can turn to which will provide the highest quality pharmaceutical products for your practice and your patients. A pharmacy who is deeply committed to patient care. A pharmacy whose number one goal is service to your profession and the community that you live in.

When you choose to do business with The Compounding Pharmacy of America, you are choosing an organization committed to your success. Please give us the opportunity to show you what exceptional customer service from your custom compounder is like. We look forward to serving you.

We work with physicians, patients, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, dentists, veterinarians, and many others to provide what commercial drug manufacturers either cannot or will not provide any longer. It is actually the role pharmacists traditionally served for thousands of years before the invention of mass market drug manufacturing. We are very proud of what we do, and are excited to have the opportunity to be able to do it for YOU in modern times.

The dirty little secret that the big drug manufacturers don’t like to publicize is that everyone is not the same, and sometimes people need medications in strengths, sizes, and delivery forms that they simply cannot provide. That is where we come in. We prepare the drugs that you need to meet your unique needs. No drug manufacturer, no matter how small can provide that level of service.

So, do you have a problem that you just haven’t been able to solve? Maybe you miss a certain medicine that is no longer manufactured, or you just can’t get your child to take his asthma medicine on schedule. If you are a physician, maybe you are simply frustrated with the service that you have been getting from your current compounder and would like to see if there is a place out there that offers you superior service, at a better price.

If so, give us a call, or drop us a line. We are here to serve you. Give us a try, we will solve those problems for you!Having an unbalanced hormonal profile is, in many ways, a side effect of living in modern life. There are a multitude of substances which we encounter every single day which may knock our hormones out of whack.

Everything from certain food additives, plastics, household cleaners, certain commercial dyes, and many prescription medications can be the culprit.Many of our hormones are sensitive to environmental stressors, including the thyroid hormones, growth hormone, and the adrenal hormone system.

The most commonly talked about in medicine today are the sex hormones; the estrogens and testosterone. When these hormones are out of sync, both males and females experience substantial negative side effects. In order to treat these conditions, physicians will prescribe a combination of lifestyle modification and medication therapy.

The medications that are prescribed usually consist of hormone replacement medications, such as an estrogen product and a testosterone product. However, these products are NOT all created equal.

The majority of hormone replacement products on the market today are synthetic medications that mimic human hormones. Unfortunately, because these chemicals are not exactly the same as those found in the human body, unwanted and intolerable side effects can occur. For instance, look at the structural difference between the synthetic hormone medroxyprogesterone and your body’s natural hormone, progesterone:

These side chains are added, not to increase the efficacy of the drug, but to enable the drug company to PATENT the drug. Natural progesterone (and the other natural hormones) cannot be patented and have no monetary value to drug companies.

But for you, they are the safest, most effective hormone therapy. Luckily we have an option to use the natural hormones in your therapy. This type of therapy is called bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT).As we stated above, BHRT is an option designed to individually dose hormones made to be the same in structure and function as the body’s own hormones.

These hormones follow the exact same metabolic pathways as the body’s own hormones, thereby restoring the hormone balance in the most effective and least intrusive way for your body.

There are many physicians in your area who prescribe bio-identical hormone replacement to their patients. In order to find out if your doctor is one, simply ask them. If you are in need of a recommendation for a provider in your area who uses BHRT, contact us and we can supply you with recommendations.

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