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Providing nurse call button, call systems for elderly, patient call systems and nurse call system for nursing you can focus more on other aspects of your business. At Austco we help our customers improve efficiency, cut costs and successfully exceed the requirements of duty of care.

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CellGuard’s buttons, microphones and speakers have self-testing capabilities which ensure that the in cell intercoms are always working. This guarantees instant voice response to calls for help by prison staff when prisoners are locked in and the cell block is minimally manned or totally unmannedTo reduce manning levels, CellGuard allow officer station calls to be redirected to central control or cell block officer station.

This diversion ability ensures the duty of care is maintained whilst reducing staff costs.CellGuard point to point intercommunication provides a full site wide public address via the cell speakers. This reduces the cost of a separate system and increase efficiency in message delivery to staff and inmates.

CellGuard’s intercom points can be supplied as single or multichannel music points to ensure that the prisoner environment is not devoid of appropriate stimulation. This reduces the feeling of social isolation, suicides and inappropriate behaviours.

CellGuard provides a full audit trail of transactions on the system, who called who, when and where. The audio transaction is also recorded on 2 channels for each person on the intercom and can be used by management or in case of an event of legal proceedings.

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Patient call system, Nurse call button, Call systems for elderly, Nurse call system for nursing.Austco buttons are manufactured from silicone rubber with an anti-bacterial additive for improved infection control. Also, to avoid accidental alarms during cleaning, the call points incorporate a cleaning mode. The cleaning time and date is logged on the central server, providing an important audit trail for infection control compliance.

Austco ability to send direct messages and calls to staff has practically eliminated the need of communicating through a broadcast system.In addition, medical device alerts can be connected to Nurse Call Systems reducing, even more, the use overhead pagers on the floor.

Austco bed call points connect to bed mats and other sensing devices which then allows instant notifications to be sent to staff when a patient or resident leaves their bed. Furthermore, Austco provides a pattern controller device which alerts nurses each time that a non-typical behaviour occurs. Austco provides a range of assistive technology for people with dementia. For example, for patients who are prone to wander, Austco developed a tracking device that can monitor the person location; for patients with a high risk of falling, Austco provides behaviour pattern controllers that anticipate and notify staff when a resident non-typical behaviour occurs

Residents in care homes and long-term patients at hospitals can often experience social isolation. With Austco’s infotainment technologies, patients and residents can access social media and share messages and photos with their loved ones.

In addition, the solution offer high quality TV services such as pay TV and films on demand, helping them to improve social interaction and access content from the outside world.Tacera Tag is a proven reliable infant tracking technology that provides the highest level of security against the risk of baby abduction and baby/mother mismatch. If any potentially dangerous situation occurs, Tacera Tag will send a specific alert notifying to the assigned staff the situation.

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