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Meadowvale Optometry – One stop solution to get latest & high quality eye care and eye exam services. We have a team of highly professional and certified optometrists. They have very deep and advanced knowledge about all the latest technologies and equipments of eye exams. Visit http://www.meadowvaleoptometry.ca/ for more details. We are a family optometry practice located in Mississauga Ontario at  the Southeast corner of Derry and Mississauga  Roads.  We both are longtime Mississauga residents and  reside in the Meadowvale community with our families. Our team is highly passionate about their work and aim at providing quality eye care services to each and every patient. It is time to get your appointment and have complete eye checking done by the best optometrists. Get your valuable eyes tested by the latest digital equipments for accuracy.

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Meadowvale Optometry – One stop solution to get latest & high quality eye care and eye exam services. We have a team of highly professional and certified optometrists.Taking care of eyes is very important and the entire process of eye care has improved a lot over few years because much technical advancement has happened. Now eye care specialists can assess any eye problem very easily and the treatment and cure is highly possible.

Some of the eye ailments are listed here:The eyes become cloudy and become impaired over the period of time thus needs surgical intervention. The most common way the cataract is treated nowadays is to replace the lens of the eye with an artificial lens so that cloudiness of the eyes gets removed. The lens could be created in such a manner that they are used as bi-focal and tri-focal lenses as per the patient’s requirement.

This particular problem is responsible for vision loss in people who are more than 50 years old. In this particular problem , a blood vessel of the eye bursts and the other remains gets deposited in the eye thus 80% of the vision gets blocked up. This problem of damaged blood vessel could be rectified by using laser surgery and the remains within the eyes could be reduced by giving vitamin and other required supplements.

Laser Surgery is helpful in curing astigmatism, farsightedness or nearsightedness of the eyes. This method is not applicable for everyone. It is used for the people who are 30 years of age or more so that they need not use the contact lenses or glasses.

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Eye Exam Mississauga.Eye Glasses Mississauga.Going to the eye doctors on the regular basis is very important for overall health of the eyes. Once the visit is over and the prescription is received for the glasses, the next important step is to select the right eyeglass frame. Mississauga Eye glass frames offer variety of frames that are created from different materials and have different styles and patterns but one must select the one that compliments his or her looks and personality.

You will get the frames for all types of eyewear. Whether you need them for daily use or as a fashion accessory, we have it all for you. A huge stock of all the renowned and favorite brands of eyewear frames is available at Meadowvale Optometry.

We understand how important it is to have the correct eyeglass frames for your image and personality and we keep no stones unturned to serve you the best possible way. We offer product guarantee on each of our products. We have the friendliest staff that could help you to select the right frame design and color as per your face shape, complexion and personality and would also advise you how to keep them safe and secure.

The brands of the eyewear frames that we offer to our client are - Boss, Ray Ban, Gucci, Vogue, Easy Clip, OGA, Adidas and many others. These best houses in the fashion field provide the best quality items and that is why we have such a huge customer base who is fully satisfied with our services.

The frames are made of best quality materials. They are resistant to constant use. Each of the eyewear frames is the blending of innovation and best craftsmanship. It is important to select the right eyeglass frame so that your look gets enhanced. Get the best eyeglass frames to compliment yourself!

Contact lenses are used to improve the vision of individuals and these are used for having improved looks also. Many people who have problems with their eyesight prefer to wear contact lenses instead of glasses. Now it is possible to buy contact lenses online. At the reputed optometry, contact lens fittings are done with great care and accuracy. There is no compromise done with the health of the eyes of the patients. A huge stock of the contact lens brands from the best houses allows the customers to get premium quality. Contact lens needs regular cleaning and sterilizing. To ensure that the customers do not have to search here and there for the best contact lens solutions, there is a huge stock of lens cleaning and sterilizing solution and eye drops.

At Meadowvale Optometry, you can get your eyes checked by the friendliest optometrists and get the contact lens from some of the best brands such as BioInfinity, Proclear, Frequency Excel Toric from Cooper Vision & Proclear Multifocal, Acuvue from Johnson & Johnson, Freshlook Color Contact lenses, Focus and AirOptix from Ciba Vision, Purevision & Softlens from Bausch & Lomb, and many more.

Not only you could place the online orders for the lens very easily but you would get tips and advises from our professional team about how to clean them and maintain them. For those who prefer to go for contact lenses that needs regular disposal, we take online reorder for the contact lenses too. All of our products come with the guarantee. There is an option to have your order picked up from our location or get them shipped at your place. We care for our customers and aims at providing the best facility so that they have healthy eyes for years. You are welcome to keep your eyes safe with the contact lenses and enjoy a smart look at the same time.

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