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Always Trusted Care provides the best in senior assisted living in Surprise Arizona. We are Assisted Living Facilities in Surprise AZ – Senior Homes.We also help the elderly in Retirement Home Surprise AZ – Nursing Home Surprise AZ – Adult Care Surprise AZ. We operate nationwide and throughout the state of Arizona. We do Assisted Living Scottsdale AZ – Nursing Homes Scottsdale AZ. If you have someone that requires Memory Care Facilities Surprise AZ – Alzheimer Care. Give us a call today to find out more information about our senior care homes. We are open 7 days a week. Call us at 602-456-5211 for more information and availability.

Whether a family is looking for Assisted Living in Surprise AZ or another location in the United States, the staff at Always Trusted Care finds that most families do not quite know how assisted living works. Facilities that provide this type of care focus on giving seniors who have minimal needs for assistance with a daily living and care arrangement. The primary goal is to help the elderly live in an assisted living community with a trusted caregiver, while ensuring a safe, enjoyable, and private environment. Our experience shows that most seniors prefer to “age in place” in their family home or apartment vice seeking out some type of senior care home. For family members, the signs that a loved one may not be safe doing so include recurring issues of taking care of daily activities such as cooking, shopping, dressing, bathing, and taking care of their bills. Depending on the proximity and free time of the family, remaining at home might just prove too dangerous for both the senior or younger family members paying Grandma or Grandpa a visit. It is always a good idea to start looking for options before things get out of hand. If your loved one needs help, it’s time to consider the options and taking a closer look at assisted living.

Making the move to living in an assisted living facility is pretty intimidating to most seniors. Fears of significant loss of freedom, “losing” friends, and not enjoying quality care when needed are common amongst those considering making the move. We find that a common question that arises amongst seniors is who exactly lives in assisted living facilities? Well, the answer lies less in demographics and more based on need. Most residents find the need to move into an assisted living facility due to a decline in mental or personal health that make living on one’s own a challenge. These challenges can be amplified through the loss of friends due to old age or even family who become “too busy” or move away to find employment. Most residents in the Always Trusted Care facility find a new sense of self-worth through connecting with “like-minded” neighbors in the social network provided at our facility. Although every guest faces challenges with day-to-day life, it doesn’t mean that life is over! Rather, a new phase of life is beginning under the care, guidance, and leadership of our well-trained staff. You would be surprised how much joy is experienced when like-minded individuals get together and no longer have to live by themselves.

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Assisted Living Facility, Nursing Home, Retirement Home.At Always Trusted Care, we find that there are various tiers of living support required by our seniors. We base our care level on what our guest(s) require in close consultation with the family to ensure a safe but enjoyable environment is maintained for their loved ones with or without giving up all of their freedom.

As a proven Alzheimer Care Facility, we know the importance of putting safety first to ensure our guests live out their last years enjoying as much privacy and independence as possible. When looking at setting up living arrangements for a new guest, we typically have three different levels of service available based on the capabilities and needs of the senior.

Seniors Requiring Minimal Assistance with Activities of Daily Living.Typically seniors will arrive at our assisted living in Surprise AZ facility who do not require 24 hour assistance. In these cases, the guest may only require help with a few activities, whether it is eating, dressing, bathing, or medication management. For these guests, Always Trusted Care ensures that your family member can evacuate the facility under their own power, receive 24 hour general monitoring throughout the week, might require assistance with medications or require the assistance of a nurse to administer, and may receive general nursing care from our staff or through their own health agency.

Unlike other care homes that you might read horror stories about, our company ensures the staff is flexible to respond to either “one-off’ needs or a permanent degradation in capability by your loved one to maximize their safety!
Seniors Requiring Additional Assistance

For seniors who have “stuck-it-out” at home too long as well as those who are just getting older can still enjoy their privacy while obtaining assistance with the activities of daily living (ADLs). In these cases, we find the senior does not quite need the full time care found in our more permanent accommodations, but can’t quite keep up with their daily living needs.

For these guests, Always Trusted Care ensures your loved one has full assistance with all of their ADS’s. In the event of a facility evacuation, our trusted staff ensures that there is designated staff to help the senior evacuate in the event of fire or other disaster and provide general, full-time nursing care from our staff. The guest may or may not need assistance with their medications, but we ensure that they have individualized health service providers available 24 hours a day.

Seniors Requiring Full-Time Assistance.As a fully qualified Alzheimer care facility, Always Trusted Care knows how to provide trustworthy, full-time support for seniors who need it. In these cases, our staff leverages the company’s more than 22 years of experience to help your family member with all activities of daily living (ADLs) and always have personnel assigned to aid in the evacuation from the facility.

These guests will typically require 24 hour personal and health services and also receive general nursing care from our faculty staff. We ensure that all medications are closely tracked and administered while also making recommendations for any changes in treatment or living conditions to the family for a team-decision for new life needs of the senior.

A common question asked by prospective residents of our senior care home in Surprise AZ typically involves who the typical residents of the home are? Well, the answer just depends! Our typical resident is female, older, is mobile, but will require assistance with two to three of the activities of daily living. Through our nation-wide placement service, we find that more than half of all assisted living residents are over 85 years old, just under 10 percent are between the ages of 65 and 74, and 11 percent are actually under the age of 65! More than 730,000 adults live in a senior care home with approximately 25 percent of the residents being male.

Many times, both seniors and their families will find themselves at a major crossroads in life. How to determine if it’s time for grandma or grandpa (or in some cases both) need to make the transition to assisted living? In the Always Trusted Care assisted living in Arizona facility, our expert staff is standing by to help you make an informed decision on making this transition. Some of the common questions to either ask yourself (or your family members) include: Do you require assistance with managing your personal care? Do you need help keeping up with general housekeeping of your residence? Is it extremely difficult to get in and out of the shower or bath? Does managing your medication schedule seem more difficult than attending school? Is there a requirement for general supervision to ensure you or your loved one’s personal safety? If the answer to any of these questions is “yes,” then it might be time to give one of our staff a call to see what type of living options will be optimal to ensure a smooth transition to living in a senior care home.

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