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JG&A Metrology Center is specialized lab focused on providing 3D internal part inspection services using Industrial Computed Tomography Equipment. We do not sell machines. Because we are not affiliated with any equipment manufacturer or company, we are able to guarantee that our results are of the highest quality levels and always remain unbiased. For our clients that wish to become more involved in the analysis aspect of our services, we also sell the software we use. Jesse Garant & Associates prides itself on ensuring each and every customer is fully educated and 100% satisfied with their results.  From small clients that have only one part to large clients who send us several thousands of parts, each project is given the highest level of attention and detail possible.  Because we run several different CT systems, we are able to pair each project with the proper CTmachine.  This allows us to provide the best possible results During the quoting process it is our goal to meet the client’s objective while providing the most cost effective solution. At the top of our priorities we always ensure: turnaround times meet industry demands, our professional staff is always perating at the highest knowledge levels in the industry, we have the latest equipment in house to provide the best possible results forevery project, and we have the proper infrastructure in place to operate efficiently. The company utilizes cone beam, line/fan beam, and planar CT systems with energies ranging from 10kev to 3.5 Mev. With our capabilities we can inspect most parts ranging from micro parts as small as .5mm in length to parts as large as 660mm in diameter x 1m in length.  We are pleased to work with clients that only have one part all the way up to clients who require several thousand parts needing inspection. Please contact our experienced staff for further questions related to equipment, capabilities, or projects.  sales@jgarantmc.com

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With the latest Computed Tomography equipment available today, performing 2D digital x-ray inspection services is a very simple function with the equipment at JG&A Metrology Center. Parts can be precisely rotated and adjusted to ensure each digital x-ray is taken at the best possible orientation and repeatable for multiple parts.

Digital x-rays can be taken as a pan view or cross section slice. Pan View digital x-rays are achieved by taking a single digital x-ray through the part from a single view or setup. The results show all of the features within the part from one side to the other. Cross sectional digital x-rays are achieved by taking multiple digital x-rays in a single cross sectional slice as the part rotates 360 degrees. The results show only the features within the cross sectional slice.All results can be viewed in 2D digital x-ray format using the supplied freeware software.

As a value added service, JG&A Metrology Center offers 3D scanning services to complement our CT scanning department. We utilize our 3d laser scanners for inspection services and as one of our secondary validation methods for CT.

3D scanning is a non-destructive testing method for external inspection of parts using laser scanning technology. The process of 3D scanning results in a highly accurate dataset of an object, providing the exact size and shape in 3D. Scan results can be exported as a point cloud image, translated to a surface file, or analyzed. Available analysis include Part to Part, Part to CAD, or First Article Inspection.

The primary output is an intermediary CAD file in point cloud/polygon format. Data can be currently exported in the following formats: STL, DXF, and OBJ. Translation into surface and native CAD file formats is also provided for an additional charge. Depending on the size of the part being scanned, scan accuracy for parts and objects scanned with our.A part is placed on a surface where a 3D scanning system passes a laser over the part.

The 3D laser captures surface data for all features within the lasers line of sight. For small objects the part is typically rotated during scanning and for large parts the laser itself is moved around the object. After 3D scanning the data is stitched together to create an accurate point cloud dataset.

Product and Services

Our services include:-Void/Inclusion Analysis.Part to CAD Comparison.Part to Part Comparison.Assembly/Defect Analysis.Reverse Engineering.Wall Thickness Analysis Fiber Analysis.First Article Inspection. For more details and information visit http://jgarantmc.com/.Begin by contacting our experienced staff to discuss your projects 3D internal part inspection service requirements.

After the initial review, a custom feasibility study is performed to ensure we meet your inspection requirements while providing the most cost effective solution. By utilizing multiple CT scanning systems of varying energies and configurations, we are always able to pair each project with the proper CT scanning system for the job.

This allows us to offer the best results in the industry at an extremely competitive price. Once your parts arrive at our secure facility, they are logged into our system and scheduled for Industrial CT scanning.

After scanning is done, we then begin analyzing the data for one or more of the pre-selected analysis listed below. Upon completing the analysis, a web conference is hosted by one of our experienced analysts to ensure we are meeting the project requirements and you're able to see the results you were looking for.

During that same web conference, we'll show you how to use the supplied freeware viewing software. This viewing software allows you to have access to the data at any time and review the results even further with your team. Finally, results and parts are then delivered back to you, along with a copy of the freeware software.

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