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TruLight LED™ holds this close to the heart because we understand that every choice we make impacts not only our lives but the lives of future generations. We sought out the best LED lighting solutions in the industry. Excellence is the best word to describe this LED commercial lighting technology, and TruLight LED™ is proud to stand behind every industrial LED lighting product we sell and install in commercial properties. For more call 1-816-888-5707 or Visit, http://www.trulightled.com/

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This new LED lighting technology is a solution to every light problem that has ever been asked. The invention of the new solid state LED lighting technology has made the path to energy efficiency and energy savings brighter than ever before.

TruLight LED™ light bulbs are brighter but use less wattage for energy savings and are more efficient with evenly distributed no-fade light, cooler so they are touchable, more durable, longer lasting. They come with the best warranty in the LED lighting technology industry.

warranty in the LED lighting technology industry.Return on Investment,The ROI of TruLight LED™ lighting is so great that they pay for themselves in one year of average use because of the 65-85% energy savings. The LED light bulb green qualities are even greater, reducing the carbon footprint compared to traditional lighting. TruLight LED™ light bulbs are UV and Mercury free, non-toxic, and they offer less waste and maintenance. These solid state LED bulbs are the planet's most efficient light source.

Highest Quality LED,TruLight LED™ provides the highest quality LED light bulb on the market at great energy savings while being the greenest product available. TruLight LED™ and your organization can have a great impact on the future of the environment by making this simple choice. Every energy dollar saved is a dollar available for bettering our lives and communities and expanding your business. Together we can make a difference for the next generation.

Product and Services

Free Lighting Analysis & Consultation, Sales of LED lighting fixtures, installation of LED Lighting fixtures (both retrofit & new construction), Commercial & Industrial LED lighting fixtures

Industries, architects, cities, hospitals, schools, military and government entities, and commercial groups are committed to using cutting edge green lighting technologies while streamlining energy costs and beautifying the environment. This commitment is met by TruLight LED™ lighting systems.

Accent lighting, indoor lighting, and facade lighting are very important aspects to work production, area beautification, and the bottom line. TruLight LED™ commercial lights are the perfect answer to all of these concerns while still protecting our environment for future generations.

Traditional lighting might save a few dollars at the point of purchase, but the true test of savings comes with the usage and disposal of lighting systems. The cost savings add up on each energy bill and throughout the life of this long lasting product. The green lighting, environmental savings of the TruLight LED™ lighting system are phenomenal and are making a way for a better tomorrow.

TruLight LED™ sells and installs the highest quality LED lighting system in the industry as well as automated light management services. We assure constant and optimal industrial lighting environments for commercial implementation. Our LED lighting system is made in the USA with superb engineering. The LED bulbs carry a 10 year warranty on the LED elements and a 5 year warranty on the materials and workmanship.

TruLight LED™ bulbs and industrial lighting products deliver top-of-the-line performance and reduce power consumption simultaneously to reduce the carbon footprint and drastically cut energy bills. These LED bulbs are the perfect LED lighting system for retail buildings, auto dealerships, hospitals, airports, city streets, universities, churches, government facilities, manufacturing and warehousing structures, schools, remote locations (run on solar energy), temporary outdoor lighting and any other large non-residential space.

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