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The Jaffe Law Firm is a San Francisco based employment law firm that represents employees only, never employers.ndividuals who expose the illegal practices of their employers may often receive positive media attention. But not all workers are rewarded for their honesty and integrity. Many employers take adverse actions against employees who expose company wrongdoing.

The act of retaliating against an employee is illegal. If your employer fired you or took other actions against you after exposing its illegal or discriminatory acts, contact my law firm to learn about your legal options. Learn more about whistleblower retaliation.

Individuals who wish to report fraud against the government can do so through the qui tam/False Claims Act process. Pursuing a claim is a highly detailed process and the individual pursuing the claim must be represented by a lawyer. The whistleblower may be awarded monetary compensation.

Contact a San Francisco employment attorney today at 415-618-0100. I have over four decades of experience dealing with employee issues and offer a free initial consultation to talk about your concerns.

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We live an increasingly mobile economy the average employee these days makes six or seven job changes in his or her career.You may have rights with your former employer which may be of great value to you. For example: What does your compensation package say about leaving.Have you met performance standards that entitle you to bonuses.Is there any cash value to your unused vacation and sick time.What will happen to your stock rights.

Do you have any unexercised stock options.What federal and state laws give you rights.If your old employer wants you to sign releases; should you.These and many other questions are important to you. Do not ignore them or trust them to chance.

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employment law, discrimination, harassment, severance agreements, false claims act, qui tam, whistleblower, contracts, attorney, litigation.Your income is the foundation for the quality of your life, from supplying the basics or food, shelter and clothing -- to those things that make life enjoyable and meaningful. Under California and United States law, no one may refuse to hire you, deprive you of advancement or fire you due to a discriminatory bias.

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