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Pest-O-Kill prides itself in being one of the top pest extermination and pest control businesses in the GTA. It is often available since 1998 and it is a family group owned business. If those pesky pests have wreaked havoc in your life by invading your domestic or commercial premises, you can now heave a sigh of relief! Our pest control solutions in Toronto are right here to produce yourself easier.

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Cockroaches are one of the most difficult insects to eradicate completely. They can thrive in many settings and only need a small food source to sustain a large population. A single cockroach sighting during the day can signify a much larger problem as cockroaches are nocturnal insects. Like most other pest control problems all cockroach problems are unique and require special care in identifying the source of the problem, eliminating it and educating clients about preventative measures.

In the almost 30 years of being in the pest control industry our senior most exterminator has seen cockroach control methods change more than a dozen times. For this very reason our team is constantly researching the latest control methods of cockroach removal and integrating it with our experience. We believe that our techniques make us the authority in cockroach control and removal in Toronto and the GTA.

2013 has really been the year of the oriental cockroach, Oriental cockroaches are much larger than the usual German cockroaches that we see in southern Ontario. The good news is that Oriental cockroaches have not been exposed to many pesticides and getting rid of them is relatively easy and safe.

Our family understands that due to the nature of most infestations being mainly around the kitchen area, families are very concerned about the use of pesticides. For this reason we have adopted chemicals that are all natural and totally safe for your family, yet remain the most effective. Furthermore we understand the sensitive matter of having an exterminator eradicate cockroaches and how it may affect social well being; for this reason we show up in a discreet manner and we never tell your neighbors what we are here for.Cockroaches can carry many types of diseases for which reason it is important to call a professional early before the cockroach population reaches high levels.

The house centipede is a widespread pest in Toronto and the GTA. However, due to the fact that the house centipede is a nocturnal insect many people don’t notice them. House centipedes prefer damp areas such as basements and bathrooms. Although centipedes don’t damage homes in any manner they are a frightening scene to kids as well as many adults.

Pest-O-Kill understands that getting rid of centipedes carries much importance to many. Our family has eradicating centipedes for since the inception of our company more than 15 years ago. We have the knowledge and experience to get rid of centipedes in a safe and effective way. Furthermore we ensure that we are always ready with the latest and most effective equipment in the market.For further information about our services please call us at (416) 993-2381 or visit contact us page and we will get back to you.

Our family at Pest-O-Kill understands that a flea infestation can be very difficult to deal with on your own. Furthermore we understand that a flea infestation can be an upsetting experience for which reason we use the safest and most effectivflea Fleas %tage methods so that your family can get on with their lives and not have to worry about biting insects. With our vast experience in pest control in the Toronto and GTA region we are always prepared to deal with even the most severe flea issues.

Silverfish can be found at any time during the year. Inside a home they are most commonly present around the baseboards and in the basement where it is cooler and more moisture is present. Their name comes from their silvery or pearl gray color and their resemblance to a fish. They can eat many things found inside a home including, wallpaper paste, paper, book bindings, cotton, leather and many other things.

Pest-O-Kill Pest Control Toronto will provide the most effective and safe treatment using the most advanced and environmentally safe pesticides and equipment. We have been trusted by the people of Toronto and the GTA since 1998 in getting rid of these unsightly nuisances.

Wasps, Hornets and Yellow Jackets are a common pest in Toronto and the GTA. Pest-O-Kill pest control is committed to providing the most safe and effective service in removing wasp nests.

Having a similar biological lineage to ants, wasps have mouth parts that are able to chew, six legs, and two pairs of transparent or transparent wings. Bees and wasps go through complete metamorphosis from egg to larva to pupa to adult. Some species reside in large communal colonies in a strict caste system; other species live alone or in non-structured and small groups. Other than the Honey Bee, in most cases wasp colonies die as the temperature drops to below freezing. The queen, however, is able to survive the harsh winter months and emerges in the spring and starts a new nest.

Wasps, hornets and yellow jackets sting when they feel threatened; while this is only painful to most, many people have serious allergies which can be life threatening. This is especially a problem because many individuals are unaware of being allergic to these insects.

Pest-O-Kill has the experience and proper equipment to get rid of a wasp nest where ever it may be, whether it is visible or inside a hole. Our team is able to remove and destroy wasp nest’s in the most difficult areas through our experience as well as the best equipment in the business. Furthermore we make sure that wasps to not return to the same area by applying a non-toxic dust with a long residual. And for peace of mind all of our services have a 6 month guarantee to give you peace of mind.

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Southern Ontario is home to many different species of ants, many of whom infest indoors and outdoors of residential and commercial properties. Ant control is considered one of the more difficult pest control treatments. Our methants Ants %tagod have been developed through over 15 years of experience in order to maximize effectiveness and safety.

Ants can enter dwellings through many areas around your home seeking settlement, water and foodstuff. They can nest in numerous locations throughout a home or building, such as under foundations, wood structure and even in lawns and walls. Depending on the type of ant colonies can grow up to half a million ants.

Carpenter Ants.The black Carpenter Ant is one of the most common household pests in Toronto and the GTA. They are an indigenous species in the region. Carpenter Ants are also the most prevalent wood destroying insect in the region. Carpenter ants mainly infest wood that has been damaged by water. The reason for this is that moist wood is much easier to gnaw on the wood grain and build galleries in wood that is soft. Carpenter ants don’t eat wood; they simcarpenter ants Ants %tagply use it for shelter. In many cases wood shavings are found, this indicates that the nest is close by. Carpenter ants are mostly active during the night, for which reason activity during the day is not a good indicator of the size of the nest.

Over time carpenter ants do have the ability to cause serious structural damage to a home. As the galleries grew to wood that is not water damaged it allows moisture to get to the inside of the wood, rotting the wood from the inside out. For this reason we recommend taking care of them at the earliest.

Finding and destroying a carpenter ants nest is one of the more difficult jobs in the pest control industry. Pest-O-Kill has unparalleled experience in the field of ant control in Toronto and the GTA for which reason we have been trusted to help families for over 15 years with Carpenter ant control.

Pavement Ants and Fire Ants.Pavements ants are also a common household pest in Toronto and the GTA. Outside of a home pavement ants generally nest in and around hard formations such as pavement and rocks. Inside of the home, Pavement ants cant.make shelter in numerous areas such as voids in the wood structure and around insulation. They become boqueen carpenter ant 224x300 Ants %tagther some as they enter different areas of home looking for food items and grow in number quickly.

Fire ants are very similar to pavement ants in character; however, they are red in color and have a very discomforting bite. The fire ants aren’t indigenous to Toronto and the GTA for which reason the number of infestations are relatively low. However, it is important to keep an eye out for them as getting in their way can mean many bites. This is especially important when there are kids in the household.

Pavement ant control as well as Fire ant control requires finding the nest and destroying it. Trusting our family to take care of your means resting assured that any chemicals used in the process were done so in the most responsible manner and ensuring that your family is not affected in any way.

Pharaoh Ants.Pharaoh ant infestations have been on a steep incline since 2009. Pharaoh ants distinguishing features include their small size and many queens. An infestation quickly escalates from mainly the kitchen to the entire home. Although Pharaoh ants don’t bite or create structural damage to a home they infest almost every accessible foodstuff.At Pest-O-Kill our family prides itself at our ability to control and remove all types of ants. We do this through our experience, research and always being prepared with the latest equipment.

The bed bug problem has grown exponentially in the last decade, in fact our service calls for bed bugsbed bug Bed Bugs %tag in Toronto and the GTA has increased by over 600 percent in the last 4 years alone. In many cases by the time a bed bug is detected it is already too late as it has laid tiny eggs on the mattress, furniture or even under the baseboards. Many times it may be possible kill every bed bug alive, however eggs are unaffected by chemicals and as soon as a new bed bug hatches, it is independent and will be out looking for blood within its first 3 nights.

Under perfect situations bed bugs can survive for longer than 500 days without consuming any blood and can live for up to 3 years. All this while a female only get inseminated once and goes on to lay up to 300 eggs. Homes in Toronto and GTA in general have consistent temperature due to heating and air conditioning systems creating the perfect climate for bed bugs to thrive.badly infested with bed bugs 300x224 Bed Bugs %tag

Given the preceding facts it is very difficult to rid a home of bed bugs without the help of professional pest control exterminator. Our family understands the stress that families go through when dealing with this menace. We have developed methods based on steam, low toxicity and environmentally friendly dusts and chemicals to control bed bugs within 2 treatments and warranty our work for 6 months. We place strong emphasis on safety for which reason we only use products that are safe for your family.

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