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Pestex offers a wide array of pest extermination services to eliminate unwanted pests from your home or business premises in a safe & environmentally friendly way. We offer quick local response and follow best pest management treatments for bird control, pest control, cockroaches, rodents and ants to name a few. Contact for Pest Extermination Today.We, at Pestex, have been providing unmatched pest control services to both residential and commercial clients. By being in this industry for more than a decade, our team now has great expertise when it comes to pest extermination services.
The extraordinary rapport between our technical team allows us to work in a much more efficient manner for you.Latest technology, methods and equipment enable us to provide the best pest control services in limited time.Our qualified and experienced personnel can abolish any pest colony with an assurance of Zero future infestation.Every year the Canadian economy suffers losses worth millions due to people getting some sort of serious pest related infection. Living or working with pests is often ignored. However, fact is that by doing so, one makes him/herself highly prone to infectious diseases which can often take a fatal turn not just for you but for your loved ones too.
We, at Pestex, have a mission of making Canadian households free from any kind of pest infestation. Our path to make our mission a success is full of thorns (or pests), but we stay determined and confident about making your premises pest free.Areas We Serve.Hamilton.Burlington.Brantford.Ancaster.Niagara Falls.Welland.Milton.St. Catherines.At Pestex, We Believe in Green Measures.Pestex is a proud ‘Green Pest Management Company’ that utilizes environmental friendly yet highly effective products and techniques so as to eliminate the most stubborn pest infestations. These green practices make sure that our services don’t have any negative impact on your home, business or ‘Mother Earth’. Unlike other amateur pest control companies, we have always said a big ‘No’ to harsh, abrasive chemicals that not only affect your place adversely in the long run, but are also unsuitable with respect to the environment.
We provide extermination and removal services for a wide range of pests. Our services include:Cockroach Extermination Services
Flea Extermination Services.Rat and Mice Removal.Ant Extermination Services.Hornet Extermination Services.Spider Removal.Bee and Wasp Extermination Services.Bed Bug Extermination Services.Our company believes in providing the best-in-class pest control services to our customers at affordable rates. Our methods and products are latest and make sure apest-free future.

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Black widow spiders are distinguished from other spiders from their red hourglass shape below the abdomen. They are called widow spiders because of the myth that they devour their male partner after mating.These spiders are dark brown in color and have a violin shape scar on the back. They are typically not dangerous but respond swiftly to threats.

Common house spiders are commonly found in residential settings. They create nuisance for residents by creating lost of webs to catch prey and other insects.Spiders are arachnids who are close relatives of scorpions, ticks and mites. Spiders generally have eight legs and six to eight eyes. Their life expectancy is of around one to two years. There are thousands of species found in Canada but only a few are actually a health threat. In fact, they play vital role in controlling the growth of other pests and insects by feeding on them.

The treatment begins with complete attic dusting to eliminate all the potential spider infestation areas. Residual spray is applied around the baseboards and window frames. Aerosol is sprayed onto the ceiling cracks. While the treatment children below six and pregnant women must vacate the place for at-least 24 hours.

Spiders infestation is possible in and around your home. However, if they are out of control, Pestex can provide you effective solutions to control and prevent the spider exposure into your home and surrounding areas. We ask the people and pets to remain out of treated area at-least for 4 hours.
Want to get rid of rats and mice in home? Pestex rat and mice removal services are leading the charge with quality and affordable services. Mouse and rat infestation in house can be the most serious and dangerous health problems.

However, rat or mice poison or snap traps can be a significant help but only for a stipulated time. Pest removal services are the real cure.What is the difference between Rat and Mice.Mice and rats are common names for rodents that look alike. But, they have different body structure as rats are medium sized rodents with thin long tail. However, mice are tiny, sparrow-sized rodents. Mice are very clever rodents that require a small hole to invade your home. They breed at a faster pace and can have 5-6 litters per year reproducing 4 to 6 babies each time. Both these rodents are mostly found around human dwellings.

Call Today for Rat and Mice Removal Services .Damages Caused by Mice & Rats Infestation
Mice and rats can cause immense property damage. They can gnaw through plumbing pipes, blocked drains, chew through wiring and destroy the structural support leading to numerous water damages, knocking down the building or even cause a fire. Thus, getting rid of these rodents must be your top priority.

What Attracts Mice and Rats Inside Homes.Mice and rats are in consistent search of food. Thus, they tend to set their nest around the areas providing rich food sources. They are most commonly found in compost piles, rotting fruit, behind the bushes, garbage bins etc. These rodents just need a small hole to get entry into your home.Rats/mice can nest in walls, vents, attics, under eaves, chimneys etc. They love to nest in human environments as there they can find food, heat and livable surroundings.

Simple Methods for Rat and Mouse Control.Rat or mice control strategy comprises of three crucial elements: sanitation, proofing and population control. There are several do-it-yourself chores that can help you in limiting their population. Regular housekeeping is crucial to reduce the shelter, food and water availability for these rodents. Mice extermination has many other simple yet highly effective methods.

Rat/mouse problem can be eliminated by keeping the surroundings clean and eliminating all the potential food sources. Seal all the entry points to prevent the entry of these rodents into your home. It is advised to call pest control experts to address these uninvited lodgers with accurate preventive tools.

Why Hire Pest Control Companies.Some pests are easy to get rid of, but rats and mice can be a great nuisance for your place. Rats/mice are dangerous and wild. They can bite and their poison can lead to numerous health hazards, even fatal diseases.

Professional pest exterminators will apply comprehensive approach to completely eliminate their existence. They will trap, bait and apply chemical treatments to prevent rat/mouse infestation. They just need to explore the whole infrastructure of your settings and implement relevant strategy for exterminating these rodents from your premises.

We, at Pestex, provide a comprehensive range of pest control services. Our technicians undertake both long-term and short-term approach helping you get rid of the rats/mice permanently.
A number of toxins and diseases are embedded in flies which makes them extremely harmful for all those in their vicinity. These annoying pests will keep on pestering you until they find a suitable source for feeding or breeding.

Flies extermination shouldn’t be procrastinated at all. Often people consider them an issue too small to deal, however, that’s nothing but a misconception. Flies can induce various infections in humans making the place unsuitable for human dwellings.Hornets are considered to be the most dangerous and aggressive members of the wasp family.They are the largest species sized around 2.2 inches. There are around 20 hornet species found around the world. They generally prey on other insects, caterpillars and many other species. The venom of some hornets can be extremely painful and even cause death. Queens often dominate the hives and reproduce.

Our hornet extermination services offer complete elimination of hornets from homes and commercial premises.Hornet Nests.Hornets begin a nest to reproduce and keep her young safe. A hornet nest can be as big or small as like a soccer or golf ball. Most of the hornet nests are found in places such as trees, bushes, attic beams and at other concealed areas. Their nests often scare people. After all, they can be really dangerous. You need professionals to prevent them from infesting your dwelling.

We, at Pestex execute numerous operations to prevent the existence of hornet nests from your residential and commercial settings. Our technicians go step-by-step to eliminate all the potential chances of human harm. We undertake the following steps:Locating the Hornets Nests.Hornets nest can be identified only in the evening as at that time they are less active. The nest can be located by looking at the direction they are flying towards.

Application of Insecticide Spray.There are some specific insecticide sprays help in getting rid of hornets nests. They can be easily spayed from a distance of 15 feet or more. After all, maintaining the safe distance from these dangerous bugs is utmost important.

Absolute Safety and Protection.During hornet nest removal, accurate safety measures are crucial. Thick clothing along with protective masks, gloves and goggles are required. Hornets may attack and sting anyone. Thus, accurate knowledge and preventive care methods must be executed on time.

Spray Insecticide in the Nest.In the evening, the nest can be located and effective insecticide applied to kill or prevent the hornets from your place. Our technicians make sure to keep you and your family away from the whole procedure. The nest area is sprayed again to make sure the hornets are gone.Removal of Hornets Nest.Once, the technicians get sure that all the hornets are killed, they will remove the nest or hive from your premises. The area is cleaned with soap and water to remove the scent of the nest to avoid hornet coming back.

Pestex pest removal professionals follow all the safety procedures to handle effective pest removal. We understand that pest infestation can get dangerous. Allow us to visit your premises and analyse the situation to give you a more realistic estimate on our hornet removal services.

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Bed Bug Heat Treatment : Areas infested with these bugs are treated by dry steam or high temperature. Cracks and crevices present in furniture and walls, box springs and mattresses are treated with these steam. Dry steam can kill bed bugs no matter what stage of life they are in, even eggs. This treatment also helps to save a lot of bucks which otherwise would have been spent on furniture replacement.

DE Treatment : All the wall baseboards are then treated with DE or Diatomaceous Earth. This is actually a product of natural silica that helps to destroy bud bugs by abrasion. This chemical scratches the outer surface of the bugs dehydrating them totally. This chemical has no expiry date and if properly applied can help to control future infestations too.

Chemical Treatment : Another residual chemical treatment is applied to deal with potential resting and breading areas. Unfortunately, most companies don’t perform this step which allows future generations of bed bugs to thrive in some corner of the house. We, at Pestex, however spray the necessary chemical at almost all possible locations to free your house from any future bed bug problems.

Bed bugs although don’t bring any diseases with them for humans and pets, but the mere thought of them sucking your blood in the night while you sleep should be enough to trigger you against them.We, at Pestex, have been providing our best-in-class pest control services to Canadian residents and businesses. We have the necessary experience along with effective products that make sure you don’t suffer from the same problem again.

Carpenter ants comprise of three distinct casts: workers, queens and males having their own distinct functions. Workers are females have life expectancy of 7 years. They do all the crucial work such as food collection, nest expansion and caring for young ones. Queens are the largest ants and their function is to establish new colonies and lay eggs. The fertilized queens keep on establishing new colonies and producing eggs up to 15 years.

Carpenter ants cause significant structural damage as they nest in wood. They do not eat wood rather excavate sawdust like debris from active galleries. The debris may or may not be visible as they are sometimes present inside the wall cavity.Carpenter ants can be controlled by residual insecticides. It is crucial to locate and eliminate all the nests of these ants to control carpenter ant infestation. All the occupants and pets need to vacate the place for 6 hours till the pest control work is completed.

Pharaoh ants start from eggs and eventually develop into adults. The adult workers can live up to 39 weeks. They build large colonies with several nests and move freely within their territory.
Pharaoh ants are omnivores and feed on fat and proteins. They tend to switch their food and often have alternative response to food. They keep on switching from protein to carbohydrate food ensuring a balanced diet.Pharaoh ants require immediate application of residual insecticide. Ask your technician about the procedure and time required for whole process.

Fleas fall under the category of common household pests that mostly attack pets. However, people too are in their zone. In fact, anything that is potential source of blood is their host. Fleas can cause various infections in pets or humans like; dermatitis, anemia etc. Fleas may even lead the infestation of tapeworms in their host.

Fleas also played a significant role of transmitting the very famous Plague disease from rodent to rodent which ultimately killed 10 million people in Europe and another 10 million in India. Thus, it becomes somewhat mandatory to get your house free from fleas.Fleas are highly prevalent in Canada and entire North America. These can exist anywhere open food is available to feed upon. Fleas can readily cause a health crisis due to their allergic nature and fast movements. Their infestation does not occur on a large scale but rather on a consistent small cluster scale.

Pestex undertakes comprehensive flea extermination services in residential and commercial complexes.Cockroaches are most common problems for many homes. They have total six legs along with two antennas. They are of dark to light brown in color and have patterns on their wings. They mostly prefer moist and damp areas and can be easily found roaming in laundry, kitchen, bathrooms and in warehouses. Since, cockroaches have many species, it is crucial to identify them and apply appropriate solution for their elimination. Some of the common species include:
German cockroaches

Cockroaches live and feed in the dark. So, if you encounter a cockroach during day time, cockroach infestation is a highly likely possibility. They hide and breed in moist areas and are found behind the sinks, stoves, under the floors and inside electrical appliances. They can easily fit their bodies into narrow areas such as within the wall cracks, beneath rubber mats and carpets etc.

Cockroach feces are the visible sign of an infestation in your home. The feces produced by small roaches resemble black pepper while mature cockroaches eject cylindrical droppings. In case of serious infestation, you can smell some strong or musty odor around.The female cockroaches lays around 6 to 40 egg capsules and are capable of yielding several eggs. They spread quickly and can pollute the food and water causing diarrhea, skin infection, food poisoning and many more diseases.

They can easily transmit germs and protozoa leading to various health conditions.Centipedes are the members of Chilopoda class. They are elongated flat bodies having around 100 legs. They are of different colors and patterns but mostly found in brown and reddish orange color. They can be of 4 to 152 mm in size depending on the species. Centipedes have two long sensitive antennae. They have small mouth along with a large claw-like structure containing venom gland.

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