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DocuTech providing the public real-time loan document, eDelivery, eMortgage, eSign, lending documents, document compliance and loan documents.Increasing complexities of the mortgage industry, an extremely competitive marketplace, and many other factors can be distracting. Our company realizes that after all is said and done, we provide quality mortgage document preparation to our mortgage customers. Our mortgage loan documents are the only thing that ties DocuTech to the borrower. Our documents are a reflection of our expertise to the lenders who use our services and a further reflection of the lender to the borrower. What message are you sending with your mortgage loan docs.

Although it’s important that your mortgage loan documents and closing mortgage documents look professional to leave a good impression with the borrower, compliance with Federal, State and Local regulations and meeting investor guidelines is equally important and required. Some types of mortgage document providers may choose to focus on processing loan docs for mortgages while conveniently redirecting difficult document compliance issues back on the customer. We feel that compliance must be a collaborative effort between the lender and the document provider. DocuTech understands that compliance is an integral part of providing top-notch mortgage loan docs. That’s why we are leaders in mortgage document preparation.

Technology simply for the sake of technology is pointless. DocuTech understands that technology is important but is not the end goal; it plays an important enabling and management role. DocuTech affirms that using the correct technology for the correct situation can improve the efficiency, quality, and accuracy of your processes. DocuTech is dedicated to keeping up with the latest software and mortgage document preparation technologies so we can provide mortgage technology solutions that save you money.

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With the click of a mouse, you can send disclosure information to our Fulfillment Center that will then generate state and federally compliant initial disclosures, print, and mail them to your prospective borrower within 3 days ensuring compliance with government-mandated deadlines.
Not only can DocuTech seamlessly generate your initial disclosure documents but we can deliver them for you as well! We take care of the enormous tasks of ensuring that your disclosures are accurate and delivered to the borrower on time while generating an audit-able historical record.
There are numerous federal disclosures and document compliance requirements than can be applicable in the mortgage industry.

States also require a number of state specific disclosures and requirements are always changing. Negative publicity about a financial institution’s lending practices can affect relationships with existing and potential customers. Additionally non-compliance can lead to expensive litigation and potentially close a lender’s doors. Failure to provide the required disclosures accurately or in a timely manner is tantamount to deceptive trade practices whether the omission was intentional or not. Our compliance audit can you show which disclosures were mailed, by what user, and when. DocuTech’s compliance warranty assures your organization can meet those needs.

DocuTech’s fulfillment services allow lenders to spend more time doing what makes them money and less time running a printing and mailing service. Delivering the required disclosures on to your borrowers on time has been one of the most difficult parts of RESPA compliance for lenders. Our technology allows you to achieve 100% compliance as well as being able to see the status of your disclosures in real-time from any internet connection.

DocuTech has invested in hardware, office space, and software development so that you don’t have to. DocuTech also invests in their people by bringing in some of the best talent from the industry. Why should your organization carry all of these fixed costs when we do it for you? Outsource your direct fulfillment or eDisclose and eSign fulfillment needs to us while limiting costs. We will match your loan volume at any point in time with our cutting edge Fulfillment Center.
Stuffing documents into envelopes should not be a task for your loan processors and closers. You want them concentrating on work that makes you money and enhances the borrower’s experience. They should not have to worry about tedious mailing tasks.

DocuTech is committed to compliance and our warranty shows such commitment. We’ve taken the time to gather and understand the impact of the changes coming on August 1, 2015 to the industry. The resources found here are designed to help our clients expand their knowledge and understanding of the regulation and provide the foundation to ensure a successful implementation of the required changes.

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