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For nearly 40 years, Miranda Alcott has devoted her life to facilitating greater understanding and communication between animals and those who care to foster a deeper connection with them. As an Animal Medical Intuitive (AMI), Miranda is a highly respected consultant, and works as a valued team member under the auspices of veterinarians nationally and around the world to provide information throughout the initial consultation, monitor ongoing treatments, and give feedback during actual procedures.

A ground-breaking innovator, she pioneered the development of new animal communication fields and techniques, incorporating all life forms- HarmoniousListening,™ and an awareness Full-body Frequency Perceptivity (FFP) curriculum. She facilitates a popular series of classes and workshops around the U.S. based on the methods she developed, and has also produced instructional materials for those wanting to learn animal communication.

Miranda maintains a thriving international Animal Communication Counseling private practice that integrates her natural intuitive abilities, crisis counseling experience, and coaching skills to support the needs of both human and animal clients. Through her counseling sessions, human clients and their animals are able to engage in meaningful real-time dialogue that facilitates a rare glimpse into the minds and hearts of the animal, helping clients to access the wonderful wisdom the animals share.

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Animal Communication Level 1 – HarmoniousListening

Our animal companions bring untold blessings of devotion, loyalty and unconditional love into our lives. They share exuberantly in our day-to-day joys and instinctively comfort us when we are feeling down or ill. Perhaps you have thought how amazing it would be if you could understand or respond to your animals’ needs in return. To be able to sense when they become sick…why they are distressed or acting but…whether they might be open to a new four-legged family member in your home.

Animal Communication Level 2 – Your Animal and YOU!

Level 2 Animal Communication is a two-day, human-focused workshop for people who feel they may be more openly sensitive than most. Are you highly aware of communications in everyday surroundings? If people around you have told you that you are “SO sensitive,” then this class is for YOU

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Animal Communication Counseling Services

Miranda’s private intuitive counseling practice focuses on addressing behavioral challenges, health issues, family moving/relocating, terminal illnesses and deepening the relationship between you and your animal. Sessions are conducted by appointments over the phone, or for international calls, Skype. With deep respect for the wisdom of the animals and an unwavering dedication to their well-being, Miranda seeks to facilitate a greater understanding between you and your beloved animal companion. Depending on the issues that arise as she works with you and your animal, she incorporates different healing modalities and her knowledge and years of experience as a Crisis Intervention Counselor and Responder with the National Organization for Victim Assistance (N.O.V.A.), an Instructor Trainer for  Emergency First Aid and CPR for Pets with the American Red Cross (A.R.C.), and Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology and Consciousness, Health and Healing from the University of Santa Monica.

How is animal communication helpful? A session with Miranda can be extremely beneficial in a wide range of situations, such as:

  1.     Integrating a new animal into a family environment
  2.     Preparing for potentially stressful changes (new baby, relocation, divorce, etc.)
  3.     Addressing behavioral habits or distressing issues through real-time communication
  4.     Supporting your animal through a health or medical challenge
  5.     Transitional coaching and support for terminally diagnosed animals and their families
  6.     Creating a program to implement new behavioral dynamics for your animal
  7.     Experiencing a deeper connection and bond with your animal
  8.     Understanding more about your own life from your animal’s perspective
  9.     Discovering the influences and teachings your animal may offer

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