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St John of God Subiaco Clinic Suite 101 175 Cambridge St , Subiaco, Perth- 6008
Western Australia , Australia  Australia
+61 893829600
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SportsMed Subiaco - Subiaco, Perth

Established in 1998, SportsMed Subiaco envisions to becoming the State’s premier health care facility. We aim for it with our excellence in the diagnosis and management of sporting-related injuries. Our practitioners actively pursue and continually develop, improve and broaden their clinical knowledge and therapeutic skills. To ensure the best outcomes are produced for people of all ages and all fitness levels, our experts execute a multidisciplinary approach to patient care. Our services include physiotherapy, clinical Pilates, hydrotherapy, cardiac rehabilitation, women’s health, gymnasium, baby swim, massage therapy, sports medicine and more! Take advantage of our world class facilities including an indoor heated hydrotherapy pool, Clinical Pilates studio and a Fully equipped gymnasium. Attaining total injury rehabilitation and management for each patient at the earliest possible timeframe is our endeavour. For more information, visit http://www.sportsmedsubiaco.com.au/ or call us on (08) 9382 9600.

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Physiotherapy extends from health promotion to injury prevention, acute care, rehabilitation, maintenance of functional mobility, chronic disease management, patient and carer education and occupational health. Did you know that GPs refer more patients to physiotherapists than any other healthcare profession.

Using advanced techniques and evidence-based care, we diagnose, treat and prevent a wide range of health conditions and movement disorders, helping repair damage, reduce stiffness and pain, increase mobility and improve overall wellbeing. We advocate a multidisciplinary approach to patient care wherever possible, to ensure the best possible outcomes for patients of all ages and all levels of fitness.

We pride ourselves on evidence-based Sports Medicine and Physiotherapy, and strongly support the notion of complete and total injury rehabilitation and management. To preserve the Organisation’s excellence in diagnosis and management and to uphold our reputation as the premier Sports Medicine facility in Western Australia, all SportsMed Subiaco practitioners actively pursue and continually develop, improve and broaden their clinical knowledge and therapeutic skills.

Massage is a natural therapy which has many benefits, both physical and psychological and regular massage together with exercise and healthy living is now considered by many as an essential part of their wellness routine.

Massage therapy is used for a multitude of conditions such as headaches, stress, muscle tension, lymphatic congestion and improves the overall function of the body systems. It can be applied for stress relief and relaxation purposes or as a complement to physiotherapy treatment in order to enhance recovery from sports and lifestyle related injuries.

SportsMed Subiaco offers physiotherapist-supervised and unsupervised sessions in our state-of the-art hydrotherapy centre. Our indoor heated hydrotherapy pool is specifically designed for rehabilitation and is equipped with an array of exercise equipment and floating devices to ensure a challenging but enjoyable experience.

The centre accommodates St John of God (SJOG) Subiaco Hospital inpatients and outpatients, as well as private clientele without a hospital admission. We provide a qualified Physiotherapist by your side to prescribe appropriate exercises and correct technique. Once we have developed a suitable hydrotherapy program, patients have the option to progress to unsupervised sessions, where they can enter the water and perform the program independently.

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Physiothertherapy, Clinical Pilates, Massage Therapy, Dry Needling, Pregnancy Massage, Antenatal Hydrotherapy, Postnatal Hydrotherapy, Hydrotherapy, Antenatal Exercise Classes, Postnatal Exercise Classes, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Baby Swim Classes

St. John of God Subiaco Hospital and SportsMed Subiaco have come together to create a safe and effective Cardiac Rehabilitation Pathway for individuals who have experienced a cardiac event or undergone cardiovascular surgery. This 6 week program is designed to reduce your risk of further cardiac issues while improving your fitness and overall quality of life.

After an individual assessment to determine your suitability for this program you will be placed into a group of 6 to 8 participants who will meet twice a week under the supervision of a physiotherapist experienced in cardiovascular rehabilitation.

Autologous blood injections or platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections are a new therapy for sports injury. These techniques are often used to treat tendon pathology. Tendons have poor blood supply and therefore poor healing. The idea of performing blood injections arose from the known benefits of surgical techniques that simply improve blood supply to an injured tendon.

This type of treatment involves removing blood from an elbow vein and injecting the blood into the target tissue. Sometimes the blood is spun down to obtain the PRP which has a high concentration of the platelets and other proteins which can accelerate healing.

Deep Tissue Massage – this massage technique focuses on specific areas of complaint, using slower, firmer strokes to target the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. Great for pain relief and enhancing range of movement.

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