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Suite 1 Level 2 27 Grange Road , Cheltenham- 3192
Victoria , Australia  Australia
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ASV Partners are Chartered accountants, auditors and taxation advisors who provide a range of services to small and medium sized businesses across Australia and abroad.You will find our dedicated team here in Melbourne to support your needs, whether it is bookkeeping, SMSF, auditing, complicated tax returns or investment portfolios. If you prefer to do the basics yourself, we can advise on appropriate accounting software based on the specific requirements and nature of your business. We will assist you with training in record maintenance and accounting systems.If you are ready to expand and develop your business, contact us today on 03 9587 9747 to arrange a meeting with one of our specialists. We know we can assist and support you to reach your goals Phone: (03) 9587 9747

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At ASV Partners Chartered Accountants, we work closely with you to ensure your tax is properly managed in order to minimise its impact on your business. Through gaining a complete understanding of your business and taxation profile, we are able to create, identify and recommend appropriate, practical tax planning strategies.

All clients have direct access to our partners, senior staff. They are highly trained and experienced tax practitioners, this ensures you receive timely and accurate responses to your queries.

A self managed super fund is often referred to as a SMSF or “Do It Yourself” (DIY) super funds. Similar to other superannuation funds, self managed super funds invest contributions made by members, provide benefits to members when they retire and provide death benefits to beneficiaries in the event of a member’s death.

The main difference between a self-managed super fund and other types of superannuation funds is that the members of a SMSF are also the trustees, or directors of a corporate trustee. This means they are required to prepare and implement an investment strategy for their fund, accept contributions and manage the payment of benefits.

Self managed super funds also provide a broader investment choice than other super funds, with options such as direct property, managed investments and direct shares included.

The trustees (members) of a self managed super fund must appoint approved auditors, and may also choose to involve tax agents, accountants and financial advisors as well as administrators. But ultimately the legal responsibility for the fund’s ongoing compliance rests with the individual trustees.

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