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Flowservices, started over 15 years ago out of a passion for providing practical solutions to the water, gas and energy sectors.After many years in the industry, we identified an obvious need for more cost effective, reliable flow meter technology that gives accurate results.07 5657 9467

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Flowmeters are supplied in many formats to industries such as Water, Wastewater, HVAC, Mining, Gas, Medical, agriculture and pharmaceuticals. They are primarily designed to measure the velocity of fluid and or gas. The volume is then calculated by the meter incorporating the physical dimensions, pipe wall, and diameter of the pipe.

Most flow meters are designed to maintain accuracy for many years but many factors contribute to loss of accuracy, drift and even failure. Poor installation, dirt, corrosion, wear, scaling, media flowing in the pipe, process changes all impact the stability and accuracy of the meter. Regular calibration checks and verification assure the user that the flowmeters have maintained accuracy as per specifications.

The FLUXUS® F704 is FLEXIM’s flowmeter for permanent installation in nearly any liquid flow metering application, especially in any industrial environment. It’s non-intrusive measurement technology ensures precise bi-directional, highly dynamic flow measurement over a wide turn down ratio.

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ultrasonic flow meter, water flow meter, clamp on flow meter, flow meter, flow meter hire Using the most accurate, robust ultrasonic clamp-on flowmeter technology is now more accessible than ever before. Flowservices have teamed up with Flexim in Germany to provide the best quality ultrasonic flowmeters on the market.

Renting our non-invasive flowmeters will save you time and money by measuring flow accurately from the outside of a pipe without shutting the plant down or cutting the pipe.

Why not rent the best non-invasive flow meter technology available with no long term commitment and capital outlay. We have made it easy for you to have the very best clamp on flow meters with our ‘rent to buy options’ Contact us to find out more.

Traditional Magflow, Coriolis, Venturi, Paddle wheel, Insertion flowmeters are well known in most industries. The installation of these devices all require some form of intrusion into or cutting of the pipe. This requires planned plant shutdown, health and safety requirements and loss of production. The right sizing, flange type, earthing, sealing, electrodes, lining and a range of site specific parameters are required before the meter can be purchased or installed.

An alternative method using non-invasive flow meters provides a smarter solution.
Ultrasonic Installation Basics The principals of flow and flow profiles for most meters are the same. Rule of thumb is to ensure a straight section of pipe 10x diameter upstream and 5 x diameter downstream of the measuring point. Accurate measurement of flow in pipes would equate to flow of traffic on a highway. A dual lane merging into one or the other way, a sharp bend, twisting road or an obstruction all change the flow profile. A control valve causes even more flow problems.

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